What is the unemployment rate in India in 2014?

What is the unemployment rate in India in 2014?

ILO estimates According to the ILO’s World Employment Social Outlook Report, the unemployment rate in India has been in the 3.4% to 3.6% range over the Indian-government led 2009–2014 and the government led 2014–2019 periods.

What was the jobless rate in 2014?

6.2 percent
The U.S. jobless rate decreased by 1.2 percentage points to 6.2 percent in 2014, while the national employment-population ratio increased by 0.4 point to 59.0 percent.

Which year had the highest unemployment rate in India?

India’s unemployment rate has been the highest among its neighbours since 2010. The country’s unemployment rate increased from 5.36 percent in 2008 to 5.65 percent in 2010. It rose to 5.67 percent till 2013. The rate, however, dropped to 5.27 percent in 2019.

What was unemployment rate in 2020?

Seasonally adjusted estimates for April 2020: Unemployment rate increased to 6.2%. Participation rate decreased to 63.5%. Employment decreased to 12,418,700.

Which Indian state has highest unemployment in 2019?

With an unemployment rate of 28.6 percent, the urban areas of Lakshadweep had the highest unemployment rate between July 2018 to June 2019, followed by Nagaland. However, urban women had a higher unemployment rate than rural women in the country.

What is the jobless rate today?

The unemployment rate is 5.2%, which is 0.2 percentage points lower than in July.

What are the 4 types of unemployment?

Digging deeper, unemployment—both voluntary and involuntary—can be broken down into four types.

  • Frictional Unemployment.
  • Cyclical Unemployment.
  • Structural Unemployment.
  • Institutional Unemployment.

Which state in Australia has the highest unemployment rate?

Tasmania had the highest unemployment rate among all states in Australia with 7 percent of those eligible to work jobs not in employment.

What is the rank of India in unemployment?

Country Comparison > Unemployment rate

Rank Country Unemployment rate (%)
86 India 8.5
87 Lithuania 8.4
88 France 8.12
89 Costa Rica 8.1