What is Therminol 59?

What is Therminol 59?

Therminol 59 is a synthetic heat transfer fluid with excellent low temperature pumping characteristics and thermal stability. Performance Benefits. Heating or Cooling Operation—Therminol 59 has surprisingly low viscosity for a high-temperature heat transfer fluid.

What is therminol used for?

Therminol SP Heat Transfer Fluid Therminol SP is a synthetic heat transfer fluid used in moderate-temperature applications. Therminol SP fluid is designed for use in nonpressurized/low-pressure, indirect heating systems. It delivers efficient, dependable, uniform process heat with no need for high pressures.

Is therminol 66 flammable?

While Therminol 66 has a relatively high flash point, it is not classified as a fire-resistant heat transfer fluid. Consequently, the use of protective devices may be required to minimize fire risk, and users of Therminol 66 should check with their safety and risk management experts for specific instructions.

What is the best heat transfer fluid?

Water. Water is one of the best choices for liquid cooling applications due to its high heat capacity and thermal conductivity. It is also compatible with copper, which is one of the best heat transfer materials to use for your fluid path. Water for liquid cooling comes from different sources.

Is therminol VP 1 flammable?

Although the DP/DPO eutectic can burn at elevated temperature, its chemical nature is such that its use as heat transfer medium in a properly designed and operated system does not normally consti- tute a serious fire or explosion hazard.

What is therminol vp1?

Superb Heat Transfer Properties—Therminol VP-1 is a synthetic heat transfer fluid which combines exceptional thermal stability and low viscosity for efficient, dependable, uniform performance in a wide optimum use range of 12° to 400°C (54° to 750°F ).

Is therminol 55 flammable?

Flammable liquid, Target Organ Effect, Harmful if swallowed.

How do I choose a heat transfer fluid?

First, choose a synthetic organic fluid, a silicone fluid or an inhibited glycol-based fluid based on your temper- ature requirements. If your heat transfer application has a maximum-use temperature requirement above 175˚C (350˚F), consider a synthet- ic organic or silicone fluid.

What holds heat longer water or oil?

Why? For both the hot plate and the microwave, olive oil will heat up faster than water because the heat capacity of oil is lower than the heat capacity of water. Water requires more energy per gram of liquid to change its temperature.

What is heat transfer fluid used for?

A liquid or a gas that transfers heat from one component to another is called heat transfer fluid (HTF). These fluids are used in processes where cooling or heating is required to obtain and maintain a particular temperature.

What is the best dielectric fluid?

Deionized water is one of the best known dielectric liquids for wire EDM due to its advantages over chemical compounds.

Does glycol improve heat transfer?

Ethylene glycol and propylene glycol have higher vapor points and therefore can absorb heat at higher temperatures without boiling. Yet even with its lower vapor point, water still carries more heat per unit. A larger tube also has more wall-surface area, resulting in improved heat transfer.

What kind of heat transfer fluid is Therminol 59?

Heating or Cooling Operation— Therminol 59 has surprisingly low viscosity for a high-temperature heat transfer fluid. It is ideally suited for combination heating and cooling applications, delivering excellent heat transfer rates even at 20°C (70°F).

How to plot the physical properties of Therminol?

Create tables of physical properties in various units of measure and in user-selected temperature increments (one fluid). Create plots of key physical properties of Therminol fluids in user-selected units of measure. Plot up to six fluids.

What’s the highest temperature Therminol can be used at?

Therminol 72 is an ultra-high temperature liquid phase heat transfer fluid having excellent thermal stability. Therminol 72 was developed for use at temperatures up to 380°C (720°F) in liquid phase heat transfer systems.

What is the boiling point of Therminol 68?

Therminol 68 has a boiling point of 308°C (586°F), but static pressure of about 2 bar should maintain the liquid phase at high temperatures. Therminol 72 is an ultra-high temperature liquid phase heat transfer fluid having excellent thermal stability.