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What is vendor return process in SAP?

What is vendor return process in SAP?

Process. You create a returns purchase order. You create an outbound delivery with reference to the returns purchase order. You post the goods issue for the outbound delivery. You can enter the results of a material inspection that the vendor performed.

What is the return to vendor process?

What Is Return to Vendor? An established process, return to vendor refers to when a user or retailer arranges the return of goods to a vendor. A user, for instance, may initiate a return, sending the product to the retailer where they purchased it. The retailer then forwards the product back to the vendor.

How do you check return delivery in SAP?

When return delivery document is created,Logistic departments receives the returned product.

  1. Enter T-code VL01N in command field. Enter Shipping Point. Enter Delivery Type LR(Return Delivery).
  2. Enter Return Delivery Quantity.
  3. Click on save button. A message “Return delivery 840000 has been saved” displayed.

How do you return goods in SAP?

The steps to do the returns are:

  1. In the SAP Business One main menu, select the Purchasing A/P menu → Goods Receipt Purchase Order.
  2. Enter the code or search by the Vendor name where the goods we receive are damaged.
  3. List of items that already purchased will appear.
  4. Click the Copy To Button at the bottom right.

What is subcontracting process in SAP?

In subcontracting process, raw materials are provided to subcontracting vendor. It’s being processed by subcontracting vendor, convert it to semi-finish material and deliver back. Many a times, more than one subcontractor is used for manufacturing at different level of BOM.

What is RTV in SAP?

Return to vendor (RTV) refers to the process where goods are returned to the original vendor. While RTV transactions usually occur between the seller and the vendor, in some instances the end consumer will return the product directly to the vendor, sidestepping the seller.

What is an RTV return?

RTV in Retail (ɑr ti vi) or return to vendor. abbreviation. (Retail: Distribution) RTV is an instruction authorizing the return of unwanted or damaged goods to the seller, the cost of which will then be refunded to the buyer. The system simplifies outbound shipping from your stores, including RTV packages.

What is a 122 Movement in SAP?

Movement Type: 122 is used to Return goods to Vendor. Movement Type: 123 is used when movement 122 document is cancelled. Movement Type: 161 is used when you return goods to vendor against a Purchase Order for unknown reasons. Movement Type: 162 is used when movement 161 document is cancelled.

What is FOC in SAP?

Free of charge delivery or subsequent delivery is made, when a customer is not satisfied with the products or the quantity of good is lesser when delivered. The company has to initiate a return as per the customer’s request. In this delivery, customer is not charged for shipping of goods.

What is return process?

Returns processing, or reverse logistics as it is sometimes referred to, is as important to your business as sales. Reverse logistics can be viewed as the part of the supply chain process involving the business of returning, repairing, exchanging, refurbishing, or re-marketing products.

What is a return document?

The returns document is the central document for the returns process. The returns document is used both as an initiating and as a controlling document for all processes both at base and remote locations that are related to the returns process. …

What is ME2O Tcode in SAP?

ME2O is a transaction code used for SC Stock Monitoring (Vendor) in SAP. It comes under the package ME. When we execute this transaction code, RM06ELLB is the normal standard SAP program that is being executed in background.

What is a return to vendor process?

Return to vendor (RTV) refers to the process where goods are returned to the original vendor instead of the distributor.

How to create a return to vendor Po?

To create a return to vendor (RTV) order: From the Tasks menu, select Inventory > Create Return to Vendor. In the Supplier Site field, enter, select or search for the supplier site. In the Location field, select the location type from the list. In the Return Authorization field, enter the supplier’s return authorization number as necessary. Then choose one of the following options.

What is a vendor return?

Vendor Returns are transactions that show what Items are shipped by you back to the Vendor. You will notice that the Vendor Return form is nearly identical to that of the Receiving Doc.