What is YJ2K coating?

What is YJ2K coating?

YJ2K™ is a bonded coating system consisting of a Fusion Bond Epoxy primer, copolymeric adhesive and a cross-head extruded high density polyethylene outer layer.

What is 3LPP coating?

Share Back. 3-Layer Polypropylene (3LPP) is a multilayer coating composed of three functional components; a high performance Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) primer, followed by a copolymer adhesive, and an outer layer of polypropylene which provides one of the toughest, most durable pipe coating solutions available.

What is yellow jacket pipe coating?

Yellow Jacket® is a two layer external coating that provides protection for pipelines used in the oil and gas and waterworks industries requiring up to moderate operating temperatures and good handling capabilities.

What are field joints?

A field joint is a place where two pipeline sections meet and are welded together. The locations on the sections where the butt welding is performed are called field joints.

What is the purpose of epoxy coating?

From protecting pipelines to sealing warehouse floors, an epoxy surface coating protects surfaces strengthens materials and protects them from corrosion and decay, making epoxy one of the most widely used industrial finishes.

Is epoxy coating waterproof?

Many epoxy floors claim to be waterproof, but unless they are a resin-rich poured floor, they are only temporarily waterproof. The amount of aggregate needed for most quartz epoxy flooring leads to voids, which allow liquids to penetrate. They rely on a thin top coat of sealant to keep the water out.

Is epoxy good for waterproofing?

Epoxy resin may be applied to waterproof and protect almost any substrate materials including plastics, masonry, concrete, wood, and metals.

Is epoxy resin suitable for outside?

Yes. The Clear Cast Epoxy Resin is indeed UV stable. Similar to its Polyester counterpart, the Clear Cast Epoxy Resin can be used for outdoor projects such as water features, outdoor bar tops and tables.

How long until epoxy is waterproof?

This curing time will be different for each Epoxy Product. In general, a suitable time will be 7 days at 75° If you fail to comply with this curing time, you will find that you have solvent entrapment (the solvents are trapped within the coating film).

How long does resin last outside?

Epoxy shelf life can last many years when resin and hardener are properly stored at room temperature and in closed containers to prevent contamination. Those who have used polyester resins know that its shelf life is only about six months before it turns to a useless jelly-like substance.

How much does it cost to epoxy a 3 car garage?

Average Cost to Epoxy Garage Floors

Garage Size Square Feet Average Cost
1-car 264 $792 – $1,848
2-car 440 $1,320 – $3,080
3-car 704 $2,112 – $4,928