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What it means to be flushed?

What it means to be flushed?

: tinged with red especially in the face (as from shame, illness, heat, or physical exertion) Her mother, inclined at first to attribute her complaints to moping, took a second look at her flushed cheeks and put her to bed.—

What does flushed mean in medical terms?

Flush: (1) A redness of the skin, typically over the cheeks or neck. A flush is usually temporary and brought on by excitement, exercise, fever, or embarrassment. Flushing is an involuntary (uncontrollable) response of the nervous system leading to widening of the capillaries of the involved skin.

What is the meaning of flushing the toilet?

If you flush something down the toilet, you get rid of it by putting it into the toilet bowl and flushing the toilet. If you flush dirt or a harmful substance out of a place, you get rid of it by using a large amount of liquid.

What causes flushing?

Flushing happens as a result of increased blood flow. Whenever there is more blood flow to an area of skin (such as your cheeks), the blood vessels enlarge to compensate. This enlargement is what gives skin the “flushed” effect.

What does flushed out mean?

To flesh out something is to give it substance, or to make it fuller or more nearly complete. To flush out something is to cause it to leave a hiding place, e.g., “The birds were flushed out of the tree.” It can also be used figuratively, as in “flush out the truth.”

What medical conditions cause flushing?

What can cause flushed skin?

  • Blushing.
  • Heat.
  • Endocrine disorders.
  • Medications.
  • Alcohol.
  • Rosacea.
  • Carcinoid syndrome.
  • Thyroid cancer.

Can High BP cause flushing?

Facial flushing can also occur with emotional stress, exposure to heat or hot water, alcohol consumption and exercise — all of which can raise blood pressure temporarily. While facial flushing may occur while your blood pressure is higher than usual, high blood pressure is not the cause of facial flushing.

What helps with flushing?

In these cases, he said, flushing may be reduced or even blocked by cooling the neck and face with a cold wet towel or fan. Ice chips held in the mouth and drinking ice water may also be effective. “In some cases, clonidine or a beta-blocker such as nadolol may be prescribed to reduce stress-related flushing,” he said.

What is another word for flush out?

What is another word for flush out?

ferret out expel
oust eject
drive out force out
smoke out push out
turn out evict

What does flush out mean in writing?

The phrase to flush out means to bring someone out in the open for examination. It is commonly used in discussions of police investigations and wartime strategies.

Can thyroid problems cause flushing?

These lumps on the thyroid gland can also cause throat pain and swallowing difficulties. Facial flushing. Hyperthyroidism increases blood flow in the extremities, which often causes the face to flush and the palms to turn red. Hypothyroidism produces the opposite effect and can leave you pale.