What kind of people are the Surinamese people?

What kind of people are the Surinamese people?

Surinamese people are the citizens of Suriname and their descendants abroad. Suriname is a multi-ethnic nation, home to people of different ethnic and national backgrounds.

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When did the Surinamese migrate to the Netherlands?

Approximately 350,000 individuals of Surinamese descent now live in the Netherlands, with mass migration beginning in the years leading up to Suriname’s independence in 1975, and continuing in the period immediately after independence and during military rule in the 1980s.

Which is the second language spoken in Suriname?

Sranan Tongo, which literally means “Surinamese language”, is spoken primarily as a second language in 46% of households, along with 22% Sarnami Hindustani and 11% Javanese. The following religious statistics have been reported as of 2012:

What kind of people are the Maroons in Suriname?

The two main Maroon subgroups are the Ndyuka and Saramaccans. Indo-Surinamese form 27% of the population. They are descendants of 19th-century indentured workers from British India, who came to work on the sugar estates of Surinam.