What kind of products does Danfoss company make?

What kind of products does Danfoss company make?

With the promise of quality, reliability, and innovation deeply rooted in our DNA, we deliver an extensive range of products and solutions across our business segments of Climate Solutions, Drives, and Power Solutions.

Can a Danfoss motor be used in a hydraulic circuit?

Regardless of the manufacturing process, all Danfoss motors follow the strict protocols and procedures Danfoss is known for, meaning you can rely on motors from Danfoss Suitable for closed and open loop hydraulic circuits for work and propel systems.

Who is the distributor for Danfoss orbital Motors?

We are an Authorized Stocking Distributor and Rapid Delivery Center for Danfoss Power Solutions low speed high torque (LSHT) orbital motors. From the diminutive OML to the robust OMV series, Danfoss orbital motors are the world class standard to which other brands cannot compare.

What kind of Danfoss pump is Flint hydraulics?

Flint Hydraulics, Inc. is a Danfoss Rapid Delivery Center for series 45 piston pumps. Allow us to assemble your model from our extensive inventory of 45 series base models, controls and parts. The superior performance and lower price of Danfoss 45 series pumps make them the ideal replacement for products such as Vickers, Rexroth and others.

When is the new Danfoss house going to be built?

The new Danfoss House will be ready in 2023, and will serve both as a housing construction as well as testing and demonstration center for Danfoss’s energy-efficient technologies. Danfoss and Energinet accelerate the green transition securely and cost-effectively.

How are Danfoss and Energinet helping the green transition?

Danfoss and Energinet accelerate the green transition securely and cost-effectively. Experts from Energinet and Danfoss joined forces to investigate how to develop an electrolyzer that, besides producing hydrogen, also ensures that the public utility can balance the grid.

What does the Danfoss VLT low harmonic drive do?

The Danfoss VLT® Low harmonic drive is the fi rst solution combining an active fi lter and a drive in one package. The VLT® Low harmonic drive continuously regulates harmonic suppression according to the load and grid conditions without aff ecting the connected motor.