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What lens mount is Olympus camera?

What lens mount is Olympus camera?

Olympus DSLRs are built around a proprietary lens mount and sensor size based on the Four-Thirds Standard—a digital photographic standard developed by Olympus to produce lenses that yield optimum image quality using a unique digital sensor size.

What lens mount is micro four thirds?

Micro Four Thirds lenses are compact high quality lenses made to work with Micro Four Thirds cameras from Olympus and Panasonic.

Do all Micro Four Thirds lenses fit all cameras?

Are all Micro Four Thirds lenses compatible? Yes – one of the great things about the Micro Four Thirds system is that you can use any MFT lens on any brand MFT camera body.

Are Olympus and Panasonic Micro 4 3 lenses interchangeable?

Micro four thirds is a sensor/lens specification that provides a more compact option to photographers who want high-quality images. As of this writing, only Olympus and Panasonic have compact cameras with this element. The micro four thirds lenses from each brand are interchangeable, so you can use one with the other.

Can I use Sigma lens on Olympus?

SIGMA DC DN lenses are available in Sony E-Mount, Canon EF-M, Micro Four Thirds and L-Mount varieties. SIGMA currently offers a trio of fast-aperture primes for these compact systems: Sony E-Mount, Canon EF-M (EOS M series cameras), Micro Four Thirds (Olympus and Panasonic), and even crop-sensor L-Mount cameras.

What’s the price of an Olympus 4 / 3 lens?

With the discontinuance of the Olympus 4/3 lens line, there are some pretty good bargains on 4/3 lenses right now. The low price of the lens is somewhat offset by the price of an adapter to mate the 4/3 lenses to a Micro 4/3 body — the Oly MMF-3 adapter seems to be hovering around US$150 to US$180.

Can a Olympus micro 4 / 3 lens be used on Fuji?

The simple answer is no. If you have a lot of M43 lenses and need a new body you can buy M43 bodies easily. Thanks all, I thought as much. I love the oly stabilisation but also love my x100f. I don’t fancy maintaining two systems so am thinking of an XT1 or XE2 to try for a while with 35mm and 60mm lenses.

Is there a 4 / 3 to M4 / 3 lens adapter?

Unless you’re using either version of the E-M1, all 4/3 to m4/3 adapters are going to have slow AF. Depending on your needs, AF may or may not be acceptable on other bodies. For what it’s worth, I bought an adapter identical to this:

What kind of lenses can you use in a Micro Four Thirds system?

The shallow but wide MFT lens mount also allows the use of existing lenses including Leica M, Leica R, and Olympus OM system lenses, via Panasonic and Olympus adapters. Aftermarket adapters include Leica Screw Mount, Contax G, C mount, Arri PL mount, Praktica, Canon, Nikon, and Pentax, amongst others.