What nationality is the name Hamidi?

What nationality is the name Hamidi?

Muslim : from an Arabic surname, ̣Hamīdī, indicating descent from or association with someone called Hamid.

Is lenaghan an Irish name?

“Lenihan” is an Irish surname. Variants include “Lenighan”, “Lenegan”, “Lenahan”, and “Lennihan.” People with the name include: Maurice Lenihan (1811–1895), author of the History of Limerick, is the most notable bearer of the name. …

Is Oswalt a German name?

Oswalt is a German surname or male given name, which is derived from the Old English given name Oswald. Oswalt Kolle (1928–2010), German sex educator. Patton Oswalt (born 1969), American actor and comedian.

What nationality is the name Wert?

German: topographic name for someone who lived on an island in a river, or on a riverbank, or on a patch of dry land in a fen, all of which were senses of the Middle High German term wert, werder.

What does the name Hamidi mean?

Hamidi Name Meaning Hamidi, indicating descent from or association with someone called Hamid. Similar surnames: Hamid, Zaidi, Hamad, Sharifi, Shahidi, Amini, Hamed, Hadi, Caridi.

What kind of name is Linehan?

Irish: reduced Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Laidhghneáin ‘descendant of Laidhghneán’, a personal name that occurs in Old Irish genealogies; it is perhaps a diminutive of laidhghein ‘snow-birth’ (from ladhg ‘snow’ + gein ‘birth’).

What does the name Oswalt mean?

LANGUAGE FAMILY: indo-european > germanic > west germanic > german ORIGIN: germanic NAME ROOT: *ANSUZ / ANS *WALDAʐ > ANSWALD / OSWALD. MEANING: This name means “divine power, divine rulership, God rules, illustrious defender, defender of the house”.

What is Wert short for?

WERT Wraparound Evaluation and Research Team Academic & Science » Research Rate it:
WERT AM-1220, Van Wert, Ohio Community » Radio Stations Rate it:

Is Linehan Irish?

Linehan is a surname of Irish origin, and may refer to: Alfie Linehan (born 1940), Irish cricketer. Anne Linehan (born 1973), Irish cricketer. Brian Linehan (1943–2004), Canadian television host.

How do you pronounce Linehan?

  1. Phonetic spelling of Linehan. LIN-uh-han. Line-han.
  2. Meanings for Linehan. It is an Irish surname.
  3. Examples of in a sentence. Jonathan Ross says he ‘admires and applauds’ Graham Linehan and his openly anti-trans views.
  4. Translations of Linehan. Chinese : 莱恩汉

What does WRT mean?

abbreviation. (also w.r.t.) ​(in writing, especially emails, text messages, etc.) with reference to.