What pistol does Kate Beckinsale use in Underworld?

What pistol does Kate Beckinsale use in Underworld?

Beretta 92FS Prop Pistol
This is Selene’s Underworld: Blood Wars (2016) Modified Beretta 92FS Prop Pistol (non-firing) screen used by franchise star, Kate Beckinsale throughout the film (and also in Underworld: Awakening).

Has Jackie Chan ever used a gun in a movie?

Jackie Chan as Lee with a Walther PPK/S in Rush Hour 2 (2001). Jackie Chan as Huang Xing with dual Mauser C96s in 1911 (2011). Jackie Chan can be seen using the following weapons in the following films: See the Discussion for the films in the IMFDB directed by Jackie Chan.

Are Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker friends?

Tucker is good friends with fellow Rush Hour co-star Jackie Chan.

Did Jackie Chan Train Bruce Lee?

Jackie Chan actually started training at 6 in his boarding school. Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee both dropped out of college to pursue martial arts and film. Bruce Lee took that one step further and created his own martial art, Jeet Kune Do in 1967. Jackie Chan later went on to practice the art as well.

What kind of gun was used in Underworld?

The converted Beretta 92FS pistols used in the original Underworld, for comparison. These particular guns were not, contrary to popular belief, used again in this film; a completely different set of Berettas were used.

What was the name of the first Underworld movie?

The film would launch a series of films, which includes 2006’s Underworld: Evolution, 2009’s Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, 2012’s Underworld: Awakening and 2016’s Underworld: Blood Wars . The following weapons were used in the film Underworld (2003): WARNING! THIS PAGE CONTAINS SPOILERS!

What kind of gun does Trix have in Underworld?

They are loaded with hollow bullets filled with a special irradiated fluid that emits ultraviolet light: “Sunlight used as a weapon”. The first one to carry the gun was Trix and it was his gun that Selene took back to Kahn in order for him to analyse the new UV Rounds.

Where is the gun that Kraven stole in Underworld?

The gun is later stolen by Erika, under the orders of Kraven. Kraven then uses the gun to shoot Lucian and Michael Corvin. The final whereabouts of the gun are never revealed, but according to the Evolution novelization, Kraven had simply discarded it as he escaped from the Lycan Den.