What plants are native to NZ?

What plants are native to NZ?

Native plants

  • Beech forest. New Zealand’s beech forests are made up of five species of southern beech.
  • Cabbage tree/tī kōuka.
  • Chatham Island Christmas tree/rautini.
  • Chatham Island forget-me-not.
  • Chatham Islands plants.
  • Coastal cress.
  • Dactylanthus.
  • New Zealand ferns.

How do you plant a native garden NZ?

Place your plants in groups with a spacing between the larger trees of 2.5 metres – 3 metres, and between the small trees, shrubs and herbs of 1.5 metres – 2 metres. The final plan should show the name and location of each plant. This will help you to place your plants at planting time.

What is the most famous plant in New Zealand?

Kōwhai, which means yellow in Maori language, is one of the most well-known plants in New Zealand. Eight species of kōwhai grow throughout the country. The blooms of kōwhai are very identical and are regarded as a symbol of New Zealand. Many birds including tui and bellbird are very attracted to the nectar of kōwhai.

How many native plants are in New Zealand?

2,500 native plant
There are 2,500 native plant types, including flowering plants, ferns and conifers. There are also 5,800 types of fungi (such as mushrooms). The mountains are home to tussocks, daisies, and shrubs with bright berries.

Is Lavender native to NZ?

Lavenders were among the earliest plants introduced to New Zealand by Europeans. The first commercial planting of any size occurred back in the 1970s. Today four dozen farms scattered throughout both islands produce lavender products commercially.

How do you plant a small native garden?

Consider these fundamentals as you design your native plant garden:

  1. Match plants to your site. Look at your landscape.
  2. Design for succession of bloom.
  3. Group similar plants together.
  4. Keep your plants in scale.
  5. Define the space.
  6. Control Perennial Weeds.

What is the best fertilizer for native plants?

The truth is natives don’t like manufactured or chemical based fertilisers that are high in phosphorous. But they do like to be fed, ideally in spring and autumn, either with a specifically designed Australian native plant food or an organic based fertiliser such as blood and bone or pelletised chicken manure.

Is the pohutukawa native to NZ?

Pōhutukawa and rātā are known as New Zealand’s native Christmas tree because of the bright red blooms which decorate the trees during the Christmas season. They trigger memories of long summer days spent with friends and family in, on, around and under these magnificent trees.

Are all NZ native trees Evergreen?

Most New Zealand native trees are evergreen. Mother Nature understood that to survive our climate; their best bet was to be evergreen trees. This resulted in most natives having weather resistant small leaves or needles which were not damaged during cold weather.

How do you prepare soil for native plants?

For local indigenous plants These require very little, if any, soil preparation. Simply get rid of any weeds, loosen the soil and perhaps adding a very small amount of native-friendly (low in phosphorus) organic fertiliser.

What flowers are native to New Zealand?

Whereas the native flowers of New Zealand are unique and astounding. Some of them are, Mount Cook buttercup, Maori onion, White snow marguerite, Ladies tresses orchid, Flush willowherb, Sun orchid, Kowhai flowers, Toetoes, or Pampas Carmichaelia glabrescens, Ranunculus sericophyllus and Hairy orchid.

How many native New Zealand plants are there?

The vast majority of living things in New Zealand are small or hidden life forms. The best guess of the numbers of land-based native plants and animals is around 70,000 species. Insects and fungi dominate, each having an estimated 20,000 species – many are not yet described.

What is a plant unique to New Zealand?

Unique Plants of New Zealand Nīkau. Speaking of palm trees, in New Zealand the most significant is the nīkau palm, as it only grows here (endemic). Kauri. This coniferous tree is one of the oldest in New Zealand (and in the whole world!), It lives in the warm climate of the North Island. Pohutukawa. Kowhai.

What trees are in New Zealand?

Renown native trees include Rimu , Totara , Matai, Kahikatea and many species of ferns including the tallest tree ferns in the world. Other notable trees include, the Cabbage Tree, the Nikau Palm which is New Zealand’s only palm tree, and the Giant Kauri, which hold the record for the greatest timber volume of any tree on Earth.