What race is Audra Morrice?

What race is Audra Morrice?

Audra Morrice is a cook and a mother, best known as a finalist from MasterChef 2012, producing some of the most diverse and popular dishes. Born to a Chinese mother and Indian father, Audra spent her formative years in the culturally rich heritage of Singapore. Her background has heavily influenced her cooking style.

Who is Melissa Leong married to?

Joe Jones
Melissa Leong/Spouse

Who are the judges on MasterChef Asia?

About the Show The show is judged by Hong Kong-born, culinary chef Susur Lee; 3-Michelin starred chef Bruno Ménard; and Singapore-born Audra Morrice, a MasterChef Australia finalist.

Who is Singapore first MasterChef?

Zander Ng
Winner Revealed: Zander Ng was named the first-ever MasterChef Singapore winner and won a $100,000 prize package, which include a cookbook deal, kitchen appliances, a trophy and a three-month internship with Bjorn Shen in Artichoke and Damian D’Silva in Folklore.

Does Audra McDonald sing opera?

Audra McDonald, Stepping Up to Opera Tony-winner Audra McDonald, a classically trained singer, is taking on two solo operas. She sings Francis Poulenc’s La Voix Humaine in Houston, along with a debut work. Both have a common theme.

Who won MasterChef Australia Season 4?

Andy Allen
MasterChef Australia – Season 4/Winners

Is MasterChef Melissa married?

Does Melissa Leong suffer from depression?

Leong, who is a fan favourite on the cooking competition, has had her fair share of challenges when it comes to mental health. Leong has explained that her anxiety and depression was made worse by feeling unable to say “no” as she wanted to please too many people and that she needed to learn to slow down.

Who are the MasterChef judges 2020?

Overseeing the MasterChef contestants are judges Jock Zonfrillo, Melissa Leong, and Andy Allen who entered the kitchen last season.

Is there MasterChef in Japan?

The show is produced by Lifetime Asia. A total of 15 home cooks from various regions across Asia (China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam) competed in the first season of MasterChef Asia….Rankings.

Country Seasons
India 4th
Indonesia 10th/13th

Who is the MasterChef Singapore 2021?

Derek Cheong
The second season of MasterChef Singapore began airing on 21 February 2021 and ended on 25 April 2021 on MediaCorp Channel 5. The winner of this season was Derek Cheong, with Leon Lim as the runner-up.

What is Zander Ng doing now?

Before pursuing his culinary career, Zander had a day-job at an IT firm which he has since returned to after his stint with MasterChef Singapore. As of 2020, Zander also runs a recipe blog and is active on Instagram where he has over 6,800 followers.

Who is Audra Morrice and what does she do?

Audra Morrice is a cook, an author, a producer of her range of all natural gluten free products and a television presenter. A graduate in Economics and Japanese, Audra left her very successful career in telecommunications to follow her passion in food.

Where did Audra Morrice from master chef come from?

Audra Morrice, best known for being a Chef, was born in Singapore on Thursday, February 19, 1970. Chef best known for her appearance on the reality TV competition series MasterChef. She was a finalist on the Australia edition in 2012. Family: She grew up in Singapore. She gained an appreciation for cooking from her mother.

What did Audra Morrice do in Laguna Phuket?

In March 2017, Audra consulted for Laguna Phuket to launch the very first Laguna Phuket Food and Music Festival. The success of the event attracted huge accolades from the governor of Phuket as well as the Tourism Authority of Thailand. Audra is an Ambassador with the Singapore Tourism Board.

Where can I buy Audra Morrice’s cookbook?

Her cookbook “My Kitchen, Your Table” is currently available at all leading bookstores and online on Amazon and The Book Depository. Her range of all natural, gluten-free relishes, jam and mayo are available at selected retail outlets and online at