What radio station are the Braves on XM?

What radio station are the Braves on XM?

680 the Fan
Catch Braves baseball on the radio on 680 the Fan (WCNN AM) and WNNX-Rock 100.5. The Braves Radio Network, consisting of more than 150 radio stations, will continue to broadcast Braves baseball throughout the Southeast all season long.

What SiriusXM channel is MLB?

channel 89
MLB Network Radio is carried on XM channel 89, and was added to the “Best of XM” package on Sirius Satellite Radio on December 10, 2008, airing on channel 209.

What channel is Fox Sports on SiriusXM?

channel 83
FOX Sports on SiriusXM launches Friday, Jan. 20, and will be available to subscribers nationwide on channel 83 on satellite radios and on the SiriusXM app.

Is there an XM Halloween channel?

Beyond Scream Radio, listeners can hear Halloween-themed programming across SiriusXM’s music, talk, comedy, and entertainment channels, including specials with Jenny McCarthy and Radio Andy’s Jeff Lewis. For more information and a full schedule of SiriusXM’s Halloween programming, visit SiriusXM.com/halloween.

Is the Braves game on satellite radio?

Atlanta Braves Radio & Live Play-by-Play | SiriusXM.

What happened to MLB on XM?

As noted on SiriusXM’s plans page, MLB games are now in the All-Access tier ($21.99 per month after promotional pricing ends) along with the NFL and NASCAR, while NHL, NBA and NCAA games remain in the lower Select ($16.99 per month) tier (they’re also available in the All-Access Tier).

Where can I listen to Fox Sports?

Listen Live To Fox Sports Radio! Watch Fox Sports Radio on YouTube!

What radio station is Halloween music on?

SiriusXM’s Scream Radio channel
SiriusXM’s Scream Radio channel is an annual tradition for Halloween enthusiasts, providing the ultimate bone-chilling soundtrack of creepy sound effects, traditional Halloween favorite tunes, ghost stories, spooky music from classic horror films, and more.