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What should a career investigation include?

What should a career investigation include?

The career investigation is a short summary of the information gathered and the insights gained by a student during the course of active research into a chosen career. This portfolio item is an outcome of Unit 3 of the Link Modules, Preparation for the World of Work.

What is a career investigation Lcvp?

LCVP students who engage in a career investigation, in conjunction with other guidance and counselling activities in the school, can learn important skills in career research and planning, and improve their communicative and decision making skills.

What does career Investigation mean?

Career Investigation, an individual event, rec- ognizes participants for their ability to perform self-assessments, research and explore a career, set career goals, create a plan for achieving goals, and describe the relationship of Family and Consumer Sciences coursework to the selected career.

How do you write a career investigation report?

How to Write a Career Investigation Report

  1. Acquire program information.
  2. Research the career.
  3. Contact the program for standardized forms and/or format requirements for the career investigation report.
  4. Organize the information.
  5. Write the report.
  6. Check the document for grammatical and punctuation errors.

How much is the portfolio worth in Lcvp?

The Portfolio of coursework is worth 60% of the final LCVP grade….

LCVP Portfolio
Curriculum Vitae Diary of Work Placement
Enterprise/Action Plan Enterprise Report
Career Investigation My Own Place Report

What do you do in investigating careers?

Investigating Careers gives students an overview of many career options and the education, training, and skills required for each. Career Paths include: Agriculture and Natural Resources. Architecture and Construction.

What percent is a distinction in Lcvp?


Percentage % LCVP Points
80 – 100% Distinction 66
65 – 79% Merit 46
50 – 64% Pass 28

What subjects do you need to qualify for LCVP?

Construction Studies; Engineering; Design and Communication Graphics; Technology – Any Two.

  • Physics and Construction Studies or Engineering or Technology or Design & Communication Graphics.
  • Agricultural Science and Construction Studies or Engineering or Technology or Design & Communication Graphics.
  • In what ways can new graduates investigate career options?

    To obtain information and explore career options you can do the following: ➢ Conduct Informational Interviews A great way to research a career is by interviewing a person already employed in that field. ➢ Job Shadow Job shadowing allows you to experience a typical day in an individual’s job.

    What are realistic jobs?

    Occupations that fit a realistic personality type

    • Ship architect.
    • Landscape architect.
    • News photographer.
    • Restaurant owner.
    • Glass blower.
    • Confectionery maker.
    • Musical instrument maker.
    • Tailor, seamstress.

    Do you get extra points for LCVP?

    Q: How many points does a pupil get for studying LCVP? Remember the LCVP can be used as a replacement subject for points. Students who have this exemption may do LCVP but they must still comply with the requirement to present a minimum of five subjects in the Leaving Certificate.