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What should I bring to Reading Festival?

What should I bring to Reading Festival?

Packing list for Reading Festival, in short

  1. Money.
  2. Bank card.
  3. Tent.
  4. Sleeping bag.
  5. Bags of wine / booze.
  6. Summer clothes.
  7. Winter clothes.
  8. Comfy wellies / hiking boots.

Do they check bags at Reading Festival?

All festival-goers will be subject to extra searches of their vehicles, bags and their person. CCTV recording is in operation throughout the festival site for public safety and crime prevention. We strongly advise you do not bring a bag into the Arena as there will be long queues while all bags are searched.

Can you shower at Reading Festival?

Showers. If you’re at the festival for the whole weekend and need a proper wash, there are showers dotted around the campsites in case you didn’t book the luxury camping. The white, yellow, guest and disabled access camping areas normally have showers, but beware of queues.

Will Reading Festival 2020 be Cancelled?

2020 Reading and Leeds Festivals/Date

How do you sneak alcohol into Reading Festival?

How to sneak alcohol into a festival without getting caught

  1. Bring a jacket with big pockets.
  2. Put it in Capri Sun pouches.
  3. Hide it in baby food pouches.
  4. Hide it in a big tub of Sudocrem.
  5. Put it in water bottles without breaking the seal.
  6. Hide it in a hollowed out loaf of bread.
  7. Wrap it up in your sleeping bag.

Can you take alcohol to Reading Festival?

Whilst you can take alcohol onto the campsite, you can’t take drinks into the arena. Reading Festival only allows sealed soft drinks under 500ml, as well as reusable bottles when you see the acts.

Do you need ID for Reading Festival?

Please remember to bring valid PHOTO ID – it is compulsory for your entry into the event. A good quality copy or photo is acceptable. If you are on the Guest List go to the window marked ‘FESTIVAL REPUBLIC GUEST LIST’. If you have been sent a Guest E-Ticket go to the window marked ‘GUEST TICKET HOLDERS’.

How much spending money do you need for Reading Festival?

You are likely to spend about £150- £200 for the things mentioned above (excluding the event ticket). With the ticket, a Reading festival trip will cost you about £500. We include some extra just in case. There are several cash points in and around the festival site, so you don’t need to worry if you run out of cash.

Is Reading Festival worth the money?

Fair enough, if the line-up for you is amazing and there are lots of people you want to see, then it is definitely worth it.

Is Reading Festival Cancelled?

Aug 27 – Aug 29, 2021
Reading and Leeds Festivals/Date

How to get to Reading Festival by train?

The festival site is around a 20-minute walk from Reading Train Station, and direct trains run to Reading from all over the country including London Paddington – visit the National Rail website for more information. Taxis are available and shuttle buses run from Reading Station and town centre to the site.

Who are the headlining bands at Reading Festival 2019?

Headlining Reading Festival 2019 will be Foo Fighters, Twenty One Pilots, The 1975 and Post Malone from Friday, August 23 and Sunday, August 25 in Reading, Berkshire. Money. You’re going to need cash to buy pricey festival food and drink, and for your trips to the supermarket when your stash inevitably runs out.

What to do with your tent at Reading Festival?

Aim for a spot off the path so people won’t crash into your tent and if possible, slightly uphill. You’ll thank us later. Whether you go all out and buy yourself a recognisable tent, or you go the DIY way, it’s important you’re able to spot your tent from the thousands around you.

When to leave Reading Festival on bank holiday?

Our peak exit times are between 8:00am and 1:00pm on Bank Holiday Monday, 31st August. Please plan ahead and organise leaving arrangements before you arrive at the festival. Please ensure you have a good exit planned, with a sober and well-rested driver by the time you are ready to leave.