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What should I wear to avant Gardner?

What should I wear to avant Gardner?

There is no formal dress code for any event at Avant Gardner. Shoes, tops and bottoms are required for entry at every event unless otherwise noted. ATM machines are available.

How much are drinks at Brooklyn mirage?

How much do drinks cost at Brooklyn Mirage? Expect to pay $10-15 for cocktails.

Is East Williamsburg Brooklyn safe?

It’s surprisingly safe East Williamsburg claims 1 crime for every 59 residents, just a little worse than the borough’s average of 1 crime for every 73 residents. One thing to watch out for: burglaries are nearly twice as likely in East Williamsburg compared to the rest of Brooklyn.

How many people does Avant Gardner hold?

Venue Capacity

Space Max. Reception Capacity Max. Seated Capacity
Entire Space 5,000 1,100
The Kings Hall 800 350

Is Brooklyn Mirage outside or inside?

The Brooklyn Mirage is the outdoors summer season portion of the Avant Gardner events venue in E. Williamsburg. It features a large cou.

Who owns CityFox?

Billy Bildstein, one of the organizers behind Zurich-based promoters CityFox, has been trying to open Avant Gardner, also called Brooklyn Mirage, at 111 Gardner Ave. since last spring. He appeared before Community Board 1 this month, urging members to support his application for a liquor license.

Where are the event spaces in New York?

A 2,000 sq. ft. space is located by the High Line in Chelsea and was designed by a sculptor. The walls/surfaces have various textures such as raw brick, white brick, cement and hand-restored over 100 years old vintage doors.

How big is the White event space in New York?

Iconic White Event Space features 5000 square feet of open space with 20 foot ceilings and is designed to host inspirational event experiences. This is the perfect space for corporate conferences, production launches, pop up activations and more.

How can I book a space with Peerspace?

Whether you need assistance selecting a space or arranging additional services like hiring a private chef or security, we’ll do everything we can to ensure your event is unforgettable.

How big is Empire State Building event space?

A 1,500 sq. ft. space with northern light and views of the Empire State Building. It is surrounded by stone counter tops and a huge stone island which lends itself for socializing or food and drink prep. A 3000 sq. ft. bright full-service rental photography and video studio, meeting and event space, with 12 ft. ceilings.