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What star sign are you if your born on the 16th of November?

What star sign are you if your born on the 16th of November?

People Born On November 16: Zodiac Sign Is Scorpio.

What famous people were born November 16?

Today’s famous birthdays list for November 16, 2019 includes celebrities Maggie Gyllenhaal, Lisa Bonet

  • Singer Diana Krall turns 55. Fun fact: Krall is married to singer Elvis Costello.
  • Actress Lisa Bonet turns 52.
  • Actress Martha Plimpton turns 49.
  • Actress Missi Pyle turns 47.
  • Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal turns 42.

Are Scorpios loyal?

Scorpio is a fiercely loyal sign, and they expect their partners to be the same way. The thing is — because they so value trust and honesty — it can be easy to let them down. “Their intensity stems from their extreme passions.” Once Scorpio falls in love, they go all-in, and give everything they have to a relationship.

Why are Scorpios the worst?

Obsessing: Out of all the signs, Scorpio is known for being quite obsessive, Lang says. And it’s a habit that can get them into trouble. Being controlling: “Scorpio may feel a need to control everything in their lives,” Lang says, “and this can lead to challenges in relationships, especially.”

What age does a Scorpio find love?

Scorpio will meet their soulmate when they are around 17 years old. Still a child at this age, they don’t really know what to do with this outpouring of emotions they’re having.

What is your zodiac sign November 16?

The zodiac sign for November 16 is Scorpio. Astrological symbol: Scorpion. This zodiac symbol is considered to influence those born October 23 – November 21, under the Scorpio zodiac sign. It is representative for ambition, passion and hidden aggressiveness.

What is the zodiac sign for November 15th?

The zodiac sign for November 15 is Scorpio. Astrological symbol: Scorpio. This symbol is representative for those born October 23 – November 21, when the Sun transits the Scorpio zodiac sign.

What is the zodiac sign for November 16 1977?

It was Wednesday, under the sign of Scorpio (see zodiac on November 16, 1977). The US president was Jimmy Carter (Democrat), the UK Prime Minister was James Callaghan (Labour), Pope St Paul VI was leading the Catholic Church. Famous people born on this day include Maggie Gyllenhaal and Oksana Baiul.

What zodiac sign is tenth November?

If you were born on November 10th, your zodiac sign is Scorpio. As a Scorpio born on November 10th, you are cautious, shrewd, and protective. While the stereotypical Scorpio is a person who is very emotional and jumps in with both feet in terms of emotional issues, you tend to buck that stereotype.