What sunglasses look good on Asian faces?

What sunglasses look good on Asian faces?

Here are nine sunglasses that will fit Asian faces, as well as anyone with a low nose bridge.

  • Classic Aviators. Ray-Ban Aviator Classic in Grey Gradient, $165, Ray-Ban.
  • Mirrored Metal Shades.
  • Round Metal Sunglasses.
  • Plastic Marbled Frames.
  • Sporty Shades.
  • Round Plastic Frames.
  • Square Tortoiseshell Shades.
  • Oversized Cat Eyes.

What does it mean when glasses are Asian fit?

Asian fit styles are nearly identical to their regular fit counterparts, with the exception of a built-up/elongated nose bridge area, longer temples and lighter frame materials.

Who makes Asian fit sunglasses?

Asian Fit Sunglasses | Maui Jim®

Do I need Asian fit sunglasses?

If your eyewear is constantly touching your cheeks or hitting your eyelashes, it’s time to try Asian fit. Designed to fit a flatter nose bridge and higher cheekbones, many brands label this style for their frames as use to accommodate a wider variety of faces.

What is the best sunglasses for round face?

Rectangular and square frame glasses are your best match if you have a round face. Frames that are wider than the face add more balance to your soft features, enhance your face and can make it appear longer and thinner. Ray-ban wayfarers are a great option for those looking for that everyday, versatile pair.

What is nose bridge in sunglasses?

The bridge measurement is the distance between the inside of one lens to the other — the part of the frame that sits just above (or on) your nose.

What is the difference between E and W in sunglasses?

(W) is for Western Nose Bridge, best for a larger, wider fit around the nose. Designed for those with a higher nose bridge. This typically fits the average nose in the US/Europe/UK. (E) is for EasternNose Bridge, best for a smaller, narrower fit around the nose.

What does F mean in sunglasses?

Fit overs
F. Fit overs: these sunglasses are for people who already wear corrective lenses. They’re larger than your regular glasses so they can be worn right over them.

Should sunglasses touch your cheeks?

The glasses should not touch your cheeks at all. Sometimes people with flat bridges and high cheekbones have trouble with this. A frame resting on cheeks below.

What makes Asian fit sunglasses fit your face?

The shorter/wider lenses can also help prevent your glasses from hitting your cheeks and moving around every time you smile. We also offer adjustable nosepads, rubber nosepads, and rubber temple options to make your sunglasses fit even better.

What are Maui Jim polarized sunglasses designed for?

The Maui Jim® Asian Fit polarized sunglasses are designed especially for those with beautifully high cheekbones, wider faces and lower nose bridges. If your glasses tend to slip forward, slide down your face, pinch your temples, or even if you experience lens fogging, these styles are designed for you.

Which is the best brand of sports sunglasses?

Oakley Radar EV. Oakley remains one of the chief brands that come to mind when one thinks of sunglasses for sports. It’s got a style for every persuasion, and technology to match any level of expertise, making Oakley frames a go-to for bikers, runners, and all athletes in between.