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What time does Ibiza Rocks close?

What time does Ibiza Rocks close?

We’re online 10am-6pm (GMT), 7 Days a week.

How many pools does Ibiza Rocks have?

Two pools
Two pools, an on-site supermarket, and a merch shop, too Guests won’t have to leave the Ibiza Rocks Hotel if they don’t want to. There are two pools — the main pool is where the party scene is, while the Tropicana Pool provides more of a laid-back lounging vibe.

Who owns Ibiza Rocks Bar?

Andy McKay
Ibiza Rocks

Ibiza Rocks Hotel
Address Carrer de Cervantes, 27, 07820 Sant Antoni de Portmany, Illes Balears, Spain
Coordinates 38°58′58.84″N 1°17′59.01″E
Opening 1998 (Re-named in 2008)
Owner Andy McKay Dawn Hindle

When is Ibiza Rocks Bar in San Antonio Open?

We’re online 10am-6pm (GMT) Monday to Thursday & 10am-2pm Friday. But leave us a message anytime. Need a quick answer? Our beachfront Ibiza Rocks Bar is the go-to place in San Antonio for truly good food, delicious drinks, sunshine vibes and stunning sunset views.

Where is the Rocks Hotel in Ibiza located?

This hotel is located 200m from the beach. Distance from Airport This hotel is located approximately 25km from Ibiza Airport. Rooms There are a variety of room types on offer, from the budget-friendly Basic Rooms, to the newly-refurbished Rocks Rooms located right in the heart of the action,…

What makes Ibiza Rocks Bar a hot spot?

Grab a table and kick back beachside to our sunshine-fuelled soundtrack as you fuel up on amazing quality food and drinks, served with the perfect sea view. Our outstanding reputation for freshly made and fairly priced food and drinks is what has made Ibiza Rocks Bar a San An hot spot for locals, workers and visitors alike.

Who are some famous people from Ibiza Rocks?

Ibiza rocks has always been the hip and happening place for young British friends and friends alike. Modern music scene with live artists all the way from the UK. People like Ed Sheehan to fatboy… Please be careful what you book here. They advertice with Joël Corry at an event.