What to do if mouse is not working properly?

What to do if mouse is not working properly?

How to Fix a PC or Laptop Mouse That’s Not Working

  1. Inspect the mouse for hardware damage.
  2. Clean the mouse.
  3. Replace the batteries.
  4. Try a different USB port.
  5. Connect the mouse directly to the USB port.
  6. Use the mouse on an appropriate surface.
  7. Update the driver.
  8. Release and re-pair a Bluetooth mouse.

Why my mouse is not working on my computer?

If your mouse has a power switch, it’s often on the bottom side. If the mouse doesn’t appear to be on, replace the batteries. Make sure the wireless receiver is within range and is not blocked by too many objects. Disconnect the wireless USB adapter and try plugging it into a different port.

How do I fix my glitchy mouse?

Select the Display pointer trails option Some users have fixed their corrupted cursors by selecting the mouse pointer trail option. To select that option, open Run with the Windows key + R keyboard shortcut. Enter Control Panel in the Open text box, and press the OK button.

How do you check if your mouse is not working properly?

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  1. Click all the buttons on your mouse and check if they light up on the mouse illustration.
  2. Point your mouse cursor at the mouse illustration and then spin the scroll wheel on your mouse up and down.
  3. Check if the arrows on the illustration also light up.

Why did my mouse suddenly stop working?

A: In most cases, when a mouse and/or keyboard become unresponsive, one of two things are to blame: (1) The batteries in the actual mouse and/or keyboard are dead (or are dying) and need to be replaced; or (2) the drivers for either or both devices need to be updated.

How do I unfreeze my mouse on my computer?

How to Unfreeze a Laptop Mouse

  1. Press and hold down the “FN” key, which is located between the Ctrl and Alt keys on your laptop keyboard.
  2. Tap the “F7,” “F8” or “F9” key at the top of your keyboard.
  3. Drag your fingertip across the touchpad to test if it is working.

Why is my mouse glitching?

Sometimes issues with your cursor can appear due to new drivers. According to users, this issue can appear if you recently updated your mouse or touchpad driver. If your cursor freezes, jumps or disappears, you need to roll back to the older driver.

How do I fix my mouse randomly?

The cursor suddenly stops moving and does not respond to mouse

  1. Method 1: Rectify the problem. If you are using an optical mouse, check if the light below it is on.
  2. Method 2: A software fix. If your hardware is perfect, there might be an issue with the software.
  3. Method 3: Reinstall. Check the computer mouse driver.

Why does my mouse stop working after a few minutes?

You can solve this problem by going to device manager and there under Universal Serial Bus Controllers(USB) , go to Generic USB hub and click on its properties and then under the tab power management uncheck the (Allow the computer to turn off the device to save power). And save the changes.

Why is my new mouse not working on my computer?

Mouse not detected or working in Windows Computer frozen. When a computer freezes, the first sign is usually that the mouse has stopped responding. Hardware conflict. Mouse is not connected correctly. Outdated USB driver. Other USB driver issues.

What to do if mouse stops working?

Since the mouse is not working, you can press Win+R to access the Run box. Expand the “Mice and other pointing devices” section, highlight your mouse listing and then select “Uninstall”. Then choose Action – > Scan for Hardware Changes and this should bring your mouse back to life.

Why is my mouse not being responsive?

Mouse Pointer. If the pointer of the mouse does not seem to work in a smooth manner, chances can be that the system may be infected by a computer virus or there is a lot of dust and dirt on the inside of the mouse.

Why is my mouse not responding?

Please try to log in to an alternate user account and check if it works there.

  • Try to boot the system in to safe mode and check if it works there or not.
  • Reinstall the touch pad drivers using the below web link: