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What type of jazz is Moon Dreams Miles Davis?

What type of jazz is Moon Dreams Miles Davis?

jazz and pop
“Moon Dreams” is a 1942 jazz and pop song composed by Chummy MacGregor and Johnny Mercer.

Who arranged Moon Dreams?


Who arranged the Miles Davis album Birth of the Cool?

Arranged by Gerry Mulligan, Gil Evans, and John Lewis; Prepared for Publication by Rob DuBoff and Jeffrey Sultanof. This item usually ships within 1 business day.

Is Birth of the Cool bebop?

Featuring unusual instrumentation and several notable musicians, the music consisted of innovative arrangements influenced by classical music techniques such as polyphony, and marked a major development in post-bebop jazz. As the title suggests, these recordings are considered seminal in the history of cool jazz.

Where did cool jazz start?

Cool jazz is a style of modern jazz that rose to prominence in the United States—particularly the West Coast—in the late 1940s. Cool jazz originated from the bebop style of jazz that was popular in New York, but it was reflective of the laid-back attitude of California.

Who wrote Moondreams?

Norman Petty
“Moondreams” is a song written by Norman Petty and released in 1957 by The Norman Petty Trio. Featured musicians are Petty on organ, Buddy Holly on guitar, Vi Petty on piano, Mike Mitchell on percussion and the Picks on backing vocals.

Why did many jazz musicians go New York in the 1920s?

The first recording of jazz was performed by: Why did many jazz musicians go New York in the 1920s? as the entertainment capital of the United States, musicians could achieve a national presence by succeeding there. Which of the following was not a major influence on how jazz developed in New York City?

What made Miles Davis cool?

Miles Davis is one of the most influential jazz artists of all time. As one of the pioneers of bebop and leaders of fusing electronic and rock sounds with jazz, the Illinois-born trumpeter was well aware of his musical impact. Davis’ undone collar and his iconic stoic glance also add a bit of edge.

When was cool jazz popular?

Cool jazz, a style of jazz that emerged in the United States during the late 1940s.

When did Miles Davis release the song Moon Dreams?

Miles Davis made the song a staple of his repertoire and released it on the 1957 Capitol Records Birth of the Cool collection, the 1996 Blue Note Records album Ballads and Blues, and the 1998 The Complete Birth of the Cool album. The Miles Davis recording appeared in the Ken Burns jazz documentary for PBS entitled Jazz in 2002.

Who was the original singer of Moon Dreams?

” Moon Dreams ” is a 1942 jazz and pop song composed by Chummy MacGregor and Johnny Mercer. The song was first recorded by Martha Tilton on Capitol Records . Glenn Miller recorded the song for V-Disc release in 1944 with the Army Air Force Band.

When did birth of the cool by Miles Davis come out?

Please use Compilation tag. Birth of the Cool is a compilation album by American jazz musician Miles Davis, released in 1957 on Capitol Records. It compiles eleven songs recorded by Davis’s nonet for the label over the course of three sessions during 1949 and 1950.

When did Miles Davis record his first album?

Davis recorded several albums worth of material with Parker during this period, including Parker’s Sessions for the Savoy and Dial labels. Davis’ first records released under his own name were recorded with Parker’s band, in 1947, and were more arranged and rehearsed than Parker’s usual approach to recording.