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What versions of Yardi are there?

What versions of Yardi are there?

Yardi offers three product tiers: Breeze, Breeze Premier, and Voyager. There are some key differences between these three “tiers” which are designed to address specific operational needs.

What does Yardi resident screening look for?

Use resident screening for residential properties A screening can include gathering information on the applicant’s rental history, job history, credit history and references. It should also include a criminal background check. Yardi Breeze features an optional, built-in prospect screening service.

How do I contact Yardi?

If you need a solution to a specific challenge, or just want to know more about what Yardi offers, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Fill out the form or call us at 1-800-866-1144.

What is Yardi and how does it work?

Yardi is a software vendor that makes applications for all sizes of property management and real estate companies. The company makes software suites for property management, marketing, commercial applications, senior living and investments.

How much does Yardi CRM cost?

Yardi is $1/unit each month and a minimum of $100/mo. For commercial or “mixed” portfolios, it is a minimum $200/mo. They have additional optional services like resident screening (via ScreeningWorks Pro) on a per-transaction cost.

Is Yardi easy to learn?

Yardi training is easier than ever for your employees to access, thanks to Yardi’s “newish” on-demand centralized learning platform, Aspire. The recent name change from eLearning to Aspire reflects the significant platform and content updates created to better engage learners and remove common barriers to learning.

Is Yardi the same as RentGrow?

RentGrow is a resident screening service provided to property owners through Yardi property management software. RentGrow is Yardi’s tenant screening service. Property owners and landlords use Yardi software to manage tenants. Tenants will only see the name RentGrow on Yardi resident screening information.

What score does Yardi use?

SANTA BARBARA, CALIF., July 11, 2013— Yardi® announced today that its proven rules-based resident screening solution, Yardi Resident Screening™, now includes VantageScore® credit scores, an advanced numerical scoring option from Experian® for clients who prefer three-digit credit scores to help qualify applicants.

Is Yardi safe?

Yardi software features inclusive and broad-ranging security with granular settings that enable system administrators to create multiple levels of access for users or groups of users. Transport Layer Security (TLS) means data sent over the internet is always encrypted.

Is Yardi expensive?

When to Use Yardi Both cover residential, commercial, and community properties. Yardi pricing starts at $100 a month for Breeze and $10,000 a year for Voyager.

How much does Yardi software cost?

Yardi Breeze Pricing Overview Yardi Breeze pricing starts at $100.00 per feature, per month. They do not have a free version. Yardi Breeze does not offer a free trial.

Is Yardi free?

Yardi users may have noticed a nice surprise when logging into Yardi Client Central recently. As of March 1st, all Yardi training webinars for current clients are FREE to attend. There are dozens of webinar sessions scheduled on Client Central, and new webinars are added frequently.

Who are the users of Yardi property management software?

Yardi property management software facilitates real estate companies to manage the depreciation of the assets. It offers services in two different categories; these are: This software is being used by over 20,000 users that include businesses, corporations, & government agencies.

What are the problems with Yardi Breeze Software?

Customer support has been responsive and helpful. Some nice, innovative features on the property management side of the software. The accounting side of the software is pretty weak and clunky compared to competitors. There’s no way to set up bank feeds, so cash reconciliations are 100% manual.

How can Yardi help you make better decisions?

Make smart business decisions faster with comprehensive market and research data that helps identify deals, grow returns and mitigate risk. Empower your staff with advanced online learning tools that include training on software, human resources, corporate communications and more.

What does Yardi Forecast Manager do for Rexford?

“Yardi Forecast Manager allows us to make revenue assumptions and promote deals into forecasts in real time. Rexford is now saving weeks of time in our revenue forecasting process.” Rexford Industrial Alex DeHaven Vice President of Corporate Finance Get answers to your questions about Yardi and our property management software.