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What was the Congo called before?

What was the Congo called before?

A constitutional referendum the year before Mobutu’s coup of 1965 resulted in the country’s official name being changed to the “Democratic Republic of the Congo.” In 1971 Mobutu changed the name again, this time to “Republic of Zaire”.

Did you know facts about Congo?

Interesting Facts about Republic of Congo

  • The Congo River is the deepest river (220 m) in the world.
  • Congo is the only place where you can find the Bonobo.
  • The Congo basin rainforest is the second largest rainforest in the world.
  • The Republic of Congo is home to the famous Pygmy Tribe.

What language was spoken in Congo before colonization?

During the colonial period Dutch and French were the official languages but French was by far the more important and so it has stayed the official language. When talking about Democratic Republic of the Congo languages, we have to first understand the principle of Creole language.

How did Belgium lose the Congo?

On February 5, 1885, Belgian King Leopold II established the Congo Free State by brutally seizing the African landmass as his personal possession. Rather than control the Congo as a colony, as other European powers did throughout Africa, Leopold privately owned the region.

What religion is in Congo?

Religion of the Republic of the Congo Some three-fourths of the population is Christian. Adherents of Roman Catholicism account for about one-third of the country’s Christians. The Protestant community includes members of the Evangelical Church of the Congo.

What is the Congo famous for?

Congo is rich in natural resources. It boasts vast deposits of industrial diamonds, cobalt, and copper; one of the largest forest reserves in Africa; and about half of the hydroelectric potential of the continent.

What is the main language in Congo?

Democratic Republic of the Congo/Official languages
. a. N . No data Total number of speakers by language Number of speakers of each language per territory 500,000 40M * DRC’s 2003 Constitution states that, while French is the country’s sole official language, Kituba, Swahili, Lingala and Tshiluba are all national languages.

How do you say hello in Congo?

A collection of useful phrases in Lingala, a Bantu lanuage spoken mainly in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and in the Republic of Congo….Useful phrases in Lingala.

Phrase Lingala
Welcome Boyei bolamu
Hello (General greeting) Mbote Mbote na yo (sg) Mbote na bino (pl) Sango nini
Hello (on phone) Halo

Why Congo is so poor?

Instability from years of wars and political upheaval is one of the most significant causes of poverty in the DRC, while poverty and youth unemployment has ignited conflicts. The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) was very poor before the most recent outbreak of civil war in the 1990s.

Why did they cut off hands in the Congo?

To make up for the low production, troops began to use hands as currency – chopping them was a way of punishing workers who did not fulfill their quotas, and, at the same time, served to show that soldiers were doing their part in exerting pressure over the local population to ensure the fulfillment of these quotas.

How did colonialism affect the Congo?

Some negative effects that colonial rule had on Congo, are that the people (Africans) lost control of their land, traditional cultures broken due to having to adapt to the European way of life, and many died due to new diseases and resistance movements.

What was the colonization of the Congo?

Colonization of the Congo refers to the European colonization of the Congo region of tropical Africa. It was the last part of the continent to be colonized. By the end of the 19th century, the Congo Basin had been carved up by European colonial powers , into the Congo free state , the French Congo and the Portuguese Congo .

When did Belgium colonize Congo?

In 1877, the European country Belgium and King Leopold colonized the Democratic Republic of Congo . They colonized Congo because the needed its resources like rubber to manufacture goods.

What was Congo imperialism?

The Congo was first imperialized by King Leopold II of Belgium, whose main motivation for imperialism was the Congo’s vast amount of natural resources such as copper, diamonds, and coal. The Belgian Government then gained control of the Congo from 1885-1960, until the Congo gained independence on June 30, 1960.