What weapon will replace the SA80?

What weapon will replace the SA80?

However, a spokesman for the Royal Navy defended the SA80 rifle, telling the Independent: “The SA-80 is a highly capable weapon which remains the individual infantry weapon of choice across the armed forces.”

How much does an SA80A2 cost?

The total cost of the SA80 A2 ugrade by Heckler & Koch was £111 million (ex VAT). The cost of the SA80 A3 upgrade, of an initial 5,000 weapons, is estimated at £4.4 million (ex VAT).

What is replacing the SA80?

The current issued SA80 is the A2 and will be upgraded to the A3 variant U.K. officials announced in April. And the British Army already started doling out the new A3 upgraded rifles in February.

How good is the SA80?

SA80 Maneuverability For comparison, the M4 carbine is 29.75 inches in overall length, but only offers a 14.5 inch barrel. So, the SA80A2 offers excellent effective range (400 to 600 meters) in a compact package. That range-to-overall-length ratio is actually rather important to the UK military.

What rifle do SAS use?

The integrally-suppressed L118A1 AWC variant is used exclusively by the SAS. Recoil-operated, semi-automatic anti-materiel rifle. The British Army uses the M82A1 under the L135A1 Long Range Precision Anti-Structure (LRPAS) Rifle designation.

Do any militaries still use the FAL?

Currently, Brazilian Army and Marine Corps Groups still use the FAL as their main rifle, as many troops are not yet issued the IA2.

Which weapon is better for Thatcher?

L85A is the go-to primary weapon for most players. It is a reliable gun with a relatively low rate of fire (670) but good 47 damage per bullet.

What does SA 80 stand for?

Small Arms for the 1980s
SA80 stands for “Small Arms for the 1980s.” Like so much from the era, the SA80 represented sleek modernity. Generals and bureaucrats at the Ministry of Defense wanted it to be the most accurate and reliable assault rifle in the world. Instead, it was a bloody disaster.