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What were the Magcon boys?

What were the Magcon boys?

MAGCON was a group of Vine-famous teens that consisted of Aaron CarpenterOpens in a new Window., Jack JohnsonOpens in a new Window., Jack GilinskyOpens in a new Window., Cameron DallasOpens in a new Window., Shawn MendesOpens in a new Window., Nash GrierOpens in a new Window., Hayes GrierOpens in a new Window., Matthew …

How many boys are in Magcon?

However the three boys that have impacted the most lives; Shawn Mendes, Cameron Dallas, and Jacob Whitesides are the main focus. The Magcon boys are relatable, caring, and inspirational, making them true heroes. The boys show that they can relate with their fans, even through fame.

Who are the new Magcon members?

The New Magcon Cast Is Mostly Revealed Daniel Skye, Dylan Dauzat, Jacob Sartorius, Chris Miles and Willie Jones were revealed as some of the “special guests”.

Who started Magcon?

Bart Bordelon
Magcon was first founded in September, 2013 by an entrepreneur named Bart Bordelon. Bordelon got the idea from Aaron Carpenter, an internet personality, who said he was going to the mall to meet up with some of his Instagram followers.

Why did the original Magcon break up?

The “original” Magcon originally disintegrated due to contract disputes, and is currently a shadow of its former self. As of writing, it’s #4OutOf9SoFar, with Cameron Dallas, Carter Reynolds, Taylor Caniff and Aaron Carpenter tipped to join a worldwide Magcon reunion tour.

Are Cameron Dallas and Shawn Mendes still friends?

Shawn Mendes and Cameron Dallas have always been good friends having both been discovered and gained major success through their amazing six second Vines, but based on a recent comment that Cameron left on Shawn’s Instagram, some fans think there may be some beef between the two social media stars.

Is Shawn Mendes still friends with Magcon?

Shawn is no longer part of MagCon, since he’s busy touring the world and making music but after taking a break from it all, Cameron is still a main member and ringleader behind the newer tours.

Why did Shawn Mendes leave Magcon?

Cameron Dallas insinuated that Shawn Mendes was forgetting his Magcon roots, in a comment left on Shawn’s Taylor Swift Instagram photo. The Jacks and Shawn also decided to focus on their music careers, instead. Taylor Caniff also insisted he would not do a Magcon tour if “trashcan” Carter was on it.

Are Nash and Cameron still friends?

Are Cameron Dallas and Nash Grier still friends? Cameron and Nash are some of the most famous stars of the early Vine/Instagram/YouTube days. They made numerous content together. Although the two are not as tight as they were when building their social media careers, they are still great friends.

Why did Shawn leave Magcon?

Why was Shawn Mendes in Magcon?

Shawn is no longer part of MagCon, since he’s busy touring the world and making music but after taking a break from it all, Cameron is still a main member. He is the youngest 15 year old artist to debut in the top 25 with a debut song on the Billboard Hot 100, making to number 24 for the week ending July 12, 2014.

Why is Shawn Mendes so popular?

Mendes became so popular that he started going on meet-and-greet-conventions (MAGCONs) with other social media celebs to engage with fans. In the end, it was his cover of “Say Something,” that caught the attention of major record label, Island Records.

Who are the members of the Magcon boys?

Group of teen boys that became famous on Vine. Their success led to nationwide tours as indicated by the name MAGCON which stands for Meet And Greet Convention. The group was founded and managed by Bart Bordelon. The early days of MAGCON are documented in the Netflix series Chasing Cameron .

Who are the famous vine boys in Magcon?

A group of famous boys including Nate Garner, Cameron Dallas, Matthew Espinosa, Nash Grier, Jack Glinsky, Carter Reynolds, Jack Johnson, Aaron Carpenter, Taylor Caniff, and Shawn Mendes. They are all famous vine boys that go on tour. Person 1: Hey did you hear about the new guy being in magcon ?! Person 2: Yes! Who hasn’t?!?

What do you get at a Magcon Convention?

Get the bonerjams neck gaiter and mug. Meet And Greet convention where internet celebs meet their fans and travel to hotels and venues to perform. Get a MAGcon mug for your sister-in-law Larisa. A convention/tour of Vine famous boys.

What did the girls do after the MagCon tour?

The “Magcon Tour” has a strong, avid, cult-like following of horny, desperate and ditsy teenage girls who are absolutely infatuated with these boys. After the show, the boys usually go up to their hotel room and proceed to destroy it and post it on the internet.