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What Zogo?

What Zogo?

Zogo is the #1 2021 app that helps Gen-Z improve their financial literacy. Zogo. Zogo is the #1 app that helps Gen-Z improve their financial literacy. They break down complicated financial topics into fun bite-sized modules—and partner with financial institutions to reward users for learning about finance.

Is Zogo safe to use?

Yes. Zogo: Finance Simplified is very safe to use.

How does Zogo make money?

Zogo has yet to spend any money on marketing, and 75 percent of its user base has come to the site via direct referrals. The company has also launched the service via partnerships with credit unions (CUs) and FinTechs, which have been Zogo’s main funding sources so far.

Is Zogo available in UK?

Well, now you can! UK Federal Credit Union has partnered with Zogo Finance to bring you 300 bite-sized learning modules on a variety of different topics, starting with budgeting but growing more complex as you advance through the app.

How many topics does ZOGO have?

300 modules
The app has 300 modules that cover a range of topics, and only take one to two minutes to complete.

How do I earn pineapples on ZOGO?

Earn 1,000 EXTRA pineapples for referrals! That’s right, earn even more pineapples toward gift cards when you invite friends and family to download the Zogo app. Get your personal referral code inside the app! Plus, you can earn $25 when you refer a friend or family member to join Unity One*! Learn More!

How many topics does Zogo have?

How do I get more pineapples on Zogo?

Which of the following are potential benefits of being financially literate?

The main benefit of financial literacy is that it empowers us to make smart financial decisions. It provides the knowledge and skills we need to manage money effectively—budgeting, saving, borrowing, and investing. Saving for retirement. Creating and sticking to a balanced budget.

Who created ZOGO?

Zogo is a fintech startup from Gen Z cofounders that seeks to make learning about finance fun. Cofounder Bolun Li, 22, compares the app to Duolingo, in how it offers games and quizzes about various financial topics.

What is a pineapple party Zogo?

To earn Zogo rewards it’s super easy. Just answer trivia questions and earn pineapples. They have a “Pineapple Party” every night at 9pm ET, where bonus pineapples can be earned for quickly answering questions correctly. They also give additional 750 pineapples for referring friends and family.

How do I enter my Zogo code?

Download Zogo Download the FREE Zogo mobile app from the Apple App Store and Google Play. Use the access code ” UHFCU ” and start earning while you learn!

What kind of medical supplies does Zogo medical use?

Zogo Medical is your #1 source for Medical Supplies, Rehab and Physical Therapy Equipment and Supplies, OTC, Supplements and Beauty Products. Every product comes direct from the manufacturer in original packaging in new condition.

Who is the founder of The zogo app?

On Nov. 1, 2020, Zogo celebrated the one-year anniversary of the launch of its gamified financial literacy app that pays people to learn about personal finance. How do you make personal finance fun? Hear from Bolun Li, the CEO & Founder of financial literacy app Zogo share his advice on everything from credit cards to bitcoin.

Who is Bolun Li, founder of Zogo?

When Bolun Li was in high school, a local bank came in and offered a heavily branded PowerPoint presentation about financial services and money management to students who reacted pretty much the way one would expect… LinkedIn News speaks to the 22-year-old founder of Zogo, an app that wants to change financial literacy, one game at a time.

Who are the team behind Zogo financial education?

Zogo Finance – Reinventing financial education, one game at a time. Meet the team behind Zogo. Reinventing financial education, one game at a time. Credit Unions and Banks in all 50 states partner with Zogo to engage, educate and earn the trust of young adults.