When did Fol de Rol first come out?

When did Fol de Rol first come out?

Fol-de-Rol is a prime-time family variety special in the USA that was set at a medieval fair, produced by Sid and Marty Krofft and based on their 1968 live puppet show. It was broadcast by ABC on February 27, 1972.

What makes the Fol de Rols so unique?

One of the features of the “Fols” that made it unique was the topical parodies written by Rex Newman. He was a brilliant lyricist and continued to write for the show long after he retired. Some of the pieces were so topical, that the artists had new lyrics every night to put into the show.

How did George Fol de Rols meet Rex Newman?

George had lost money on the 1914 season and looked for a partner to share any risk. He met a recently demobbed Air Force pilot, Greatrex (Rex) Newman. Before the War Rex had been in a touring Concert Party called “The Gems” but he was much more interested in writing and producing than performing.

Where did the Fol de Rols go in World War 2?

During those years different Companies of Fols did seasons at Westcliff, Eastbourne, Llandudno and Sandown. At the start of World War II, before the collapse of France, The Fols entertained the troops over there as part of the ENSA Entertainment, then went “on Tour” throughout the Middle East, Cyprus, Italy and Malta.

Which is the correct form of the word Fol-de-Rol?

fol-de-rol (plural fol-de-rols) Alternative form of A gaudy thing of little value; a trinket. Nonsense. Excessive efforts expended on a something trivial; much ado about nothing.

Who was Joan Heath in Fol de Rols?

Have been sent some very interesting memorabilia from Michael Heath about his aunt Joan Heath who worked as a dancer in the 1930s and 40s and did several seasons with the Fols in Hastings and Scarborough among other places. You will see from the programme that it was a smaller show in those days and the caricature of the company is lovely.