When should you aerate your lawn in Colorado?

When should you aerate your lawn in Colorado?

How often should you aerate? We suggest that lawns should be aerated once or twice a year. Early spring and fall months are best. Regular aerations help thatch break down naturally by mixing the soil cores into the thatch and speeding up decomposition.

Is it too late to aerate in Colorado?

It’s best to core aerate during the grass’s peak growth period. For cool season grasses like Kentucky bluegrass, that is late summer or early fall, which is generally the last week in August until mid-October in Colorado’s Front Range.

What time of year should you aerate your lawn?

You want to aerate the lawn when your grass is in its peak growing period so it can recover quickly—think early spring or fall for cool-season grasses, and late spring through early summer for warm-season grasses. If you have high-traffic areas or heavy clay soil, you will want to aerate every year.

Can you aerate lawn in winter?

Winter is a suitable time for aerating the lawn! The process (digging narrow channels into the earth to get air into the compacted soil) can be messy, leaving lots of tiny plugs of soil on the lawn’s surface; but aerating in the winter should avoid the risk of the soil beneath the grass drying out.

How Much Should lawn aeration cost?

Professional Lawn Aeration Costs Professional lawn aeration service costs, on average, about $15 to $17 per thousand square feet. For a 5,000 square-foot lawn, that adds up to between $75 and $85.

Can you aerate a lawn in summer?

So yes, you can aerate the lawn in the summer – just keep reading. Warm weather grasses include Zoysia, Carpetgrass, Bermuda, Buffalo, Centipede Grass, Bahiagrass, and St. Augustine. You should aerate warm weather grass when the weather gets warm – through the late spring and early summer.

Is aerating your lawn worth it?

No, it’s not necessary to aerate your lawn every year, especially if your grass is healthy and thriving. Aeration is good if you’ve got compacted, poor or clay-heavy soil that’s been impacted by heavy equipment or lots of foot traffic. Improves water, nutrient and oxygen movement into the soil. Improves rooting.

Can you aerate your lawn in November?

For warm-season grasses it is too late to aerate once the growing season has passed in late summer into early fall. For cool-season grasses, late fall into early winter is too late to aerate.

What should I put on my lawn after aerating?

Apply fertilizer immediately after aerating your lawn to put nutrients into your grass roots. This allows the grass to better prepare for summer heat. Growing a thick, healthy lawn is useful in preventing weeds as well.

What does it cost to aerate an acre?

Aeration Cost Per Acre Expect to pay $480 to $650 for an acre of aeration.