When was Interstate 81 built in Pennsylvania?

When was Interstate 81 built in Pennsylvania?

Interstate 81/Constructed

After several bouts of expansion, the freeway was completed from US 40 (now MD 144) to the Pennsylvania state line in 1958, and marked as I-81 in 1959.

Where does Interstate 81 start and end?

Interstate 81 is a north-south interstate in the eastern United States. It runs from Dandridge, Tennessee in the south to Wellesley Island, New York in the north; for a total distance for about 854.89 miles (1,375.81 km). It follows the Appalachian Mountains for nearly its entire length.

What is the longest interstate in the United States?

Interstate 90
I-90: 3,020.44 miles Interstate 90, America’s longest Interstate Highway, spans from Boston, Massachusetts, to Seattle, Washington.

How many miles is 81 in PA?

374.4 km
Interstate 81 in Pennsylvania/Length

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Is Interstate 81 closed in PA?

A section of Interstate 81 in Cumberland County has been closed due to a vehicle crash. The interstate is closed in the northbound lanes between Exit 45 (College Street) and Exit 47 (PA 34 – Hanover Street ), according to

What is the route of Interstate 81?

Route 81 is a state highway in the U.S. state of New Jersey. The route is a freeway connector between exit 13A of the New Jersey Turnpike ( Interstate 95) and U.S. Route 1/9 near Newark Liberty International Airport . It runs for 1.18 miles (1.90 km), entirely within the city of Elizabeth in Union County.

What is Route 81 in PA?

Interstate 81 in Pennsylvania. Interstate 81 (I-81) is an 854.89-mile-long (1,375.81 km) north–south Interstate Highway, stretching from Dandridge, Tennessee to Fisher’s Landing, New York at the United States/Canadian border.

What are the interstate highways in PA?

Interstate 80 enters Pennsylvania at the Ohio state line three miles (5 km) west of West Middlesex in Mercer County . The route is known as the Z.H. Confair Memorial Highway and the Keystone Shortway. I-80 passes through no major cities while in Pennsylvania.