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When was the 1927 flood?

When was the 1927 flood?

April 15, 1927
Great Mississippi Flood of 1927/Start dates

How long did the 1927 flood last?

On Good Friday (15 April 1927), 15 inches (380 mm) of rain fell in New Orleans in 18 hours. More than 4 feet (1.2 m) of water covered parts of the city.

When did the flood of 1927 end?

The waters did not subside until August 1927. Floods along the Mississippi River and throughout the South were not uncommon as Bessie Smith made heartbreakingly clear in her song Back Water Blues, recorded in March 1927, and inspired by a flood occurring more than a year earlier.

On which date and in which city did the Great Flood of 1927 happen?

On Good Friday, April 15, 1927, the Memphis Commercial Appeal warned: “The roaring Mississippi River, bank and levee full from St. Louis to New Orleans, is believed to be on its mightiest rampage… All along the Mississippi considerable fear is felt over the prospects for the greatest flood in history.”

What is the deepest flood ever recorded?

Louis crested at 49.58 feet, the highest stage ever recorded.

  • The size and impact of the Great Flood of 1993 was unprecedented and has been considered the most costly and devastating flood to ravage the U.S. in modern history.
  • Uniquely extreme weather and hydrologic conditions led to the flood of 1993.

What was the biggest flood?

The World’s Most Catastrophic Floods, in Photos

  1. The Johnstown Flood was so massive it equaled the flow of the Mississippi River.
  2. The Central China Flood may have killed as many as 3.7 million people.
  3. One flood was known as the “Great Drowning of Men.”

Who caused the flood of 93?

James Robert “Jimmy” Scott
James Robert “Jimmy” Scott (born November 20, 1969) is an American criminal who was convicted of causing a massive flood of the Mississippi River at West Quincy, Missouri as part of the Great Flood of 1993. He is currently serving a sentence of 20 years to life in a Missouri prison.