Where can I ask a medical question?

Where can I ask a medical question?

I’ve found these sites to be good resources.

  • HealthiNation. While some sites deliver articles of medical information, HealthiNation uses videos to inform you about what a condition is all about.
  • Livestrong.
  • Medpedia.
  • WebMD.
  • Wellsphere.

What are some medical questions to ask a patient?

5 Critical Questions to Ask Every Patient

  • What Are Your Medical and Surgical Histories?
  • What Prescription and Non-Prescription Medications Do You Take?
  • What Allergies Do You Have?
  • What Is Your Smoking, Alcohol, and Illicit Drug Use History?
  • Have You Served in the Armed Forces?

How do you ask an expert?


  1. Be formal.
  2. Flatter the person.
  3. Introduce yourself in one or two sentences.
  4. Offer the expert something in exchange, if you have something to offer.
  5. Ramble.
  6. Say you’re broke and that you won’t be purchasing any of my books or my course.

Why do doctors ask personal questions?

Physicians ask a lot of personal questions about your behavior, from sex practices to alcohol and drug usage. The point is to look for risk factors associated with various medical conditions, like sexually transmitted infections or infections caused by intravenous drug injections.

How does ask an expert work?

For people with questions, the process is pretty straightforward: post a question, pay a fee, and get matched with an expert in that area. The expert answers the question, and if the answer is helpful, the user then rates the expert. If the answer isn’t helpful or the user isn’t satisfied, they can ask for a refund.

How do you get expert opinions?

  1. Step 1: Find out who you want to learn from. When you want expert advice, you have to find the experts.
  2. Step 2: Invite them out to coffee (or Skype meeting)
  3. Step 3: Ask incredibly specific questions.

Is Doctorspring free?

Free for 1 month.