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Where can I buy BBS replica rims in China?

Where can I buy BBS replica rims in China?

Find the largest selection of auto parts, auto tools, and auto & motorcycle accessories at Need Bbs Replica Rims for different vehicles and terrain? We have cheap alloy wheel, discount wheels, wheel rims for sale and more to meet your needs.

When did the BBS LM wheel come out?

Since it was rolled off the forging lines in 1994, the LM has become one of the most iconic wheels of the 20th century! The 2-piece mesh construction of this beautiful wheel makes it a classic. It is not just pretty; it can withstand the abuse should you wish to take your car to the racetrack while wearing these shoes.

Where can I buy 19 inch BBS wheels?

The company’s motto “Technology through Motorsports” stays true even today, after decades of domination in the industry. Our online store offers a comprehensive collection of 19 inch BBS wheels available in a gloss or matte finish.

When did the BBS 20inch wheel come out?

A vehicle gets a big boost of stately appeal from this wheel’s simple and classy styling. Since its introduction in 1994, this wheel has been a long-selling favorite around the world. this model takes its name from the initials of that elite event. Not possible to mount to the FUGA (KY51) 20inch. Not possible to mount to the FUGA (KY51) 20inch.

Are there any BBS 4×100 truck wheels left?

Do these parts fit your vehicle? Find out now. Very Rare!!!Real Germans BBS MAHLE Mesh R14 4*100 6J ET+33!!! Only 1 left! Only 1 left!

Are there any replica wheels for a car?

Replica rims are also available. These are wheels that are manufactured and designed by various third parties for different vehicles that are out there. The wheels come with the very same features as the original ones and the best thing is they are cheap but of a good quality.

What kind of wheels are in a BMW BBS?

BMW E28 M5 E24 M6 E30 M3 E39 530 OEM BBS RS740 Style 42 17×8 Wheels Rims BRONZE! BBS 3 piece RS026 GPK Wheel 16×10 ET36 Corvette. Made in West Germany