Where did the B-24 nose art photos come from?

Where did the B-24 nose art photos come from?

Most of the photographs on the links to the left were compiled from the 392nd Memorial Association archives by Ernie Barber, group archivist and Greg Hatton, POW researcher. They are intended to be viewed for private use and not to be published without written consent from the Association’s Group Archivist.

When did the B-24 bomber give away?

While returning early from an operational mission on 4 May 1944, this plane was landed before the nose wheel was fully extended. The nose wheel gave away and the aircraft overshot into a field beyond the end of the runway. MIA 7-Jul-44:

Who was on the crew of the B-24?

Someone told her, “Don’t be monotonous, Maggie.” An artist friend of Scott’s made the original drawing, and the crew paid to have someone paint Maggie on their plane. Returned to USA June 1945. Sgt Ralph E. James was one of her mechanics.

What are the uses of vitamin B2?

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What was the B-24 bomber in World War 2?

Consolidated B-24D-20-CO Liberator bomber 41-24183 of the 308th Bomb Group 374th Bomb Squadron. “The Goon” crew B-24M-10-FO Liberator 44-50811 of the 380th Bomb Group, 529th Bomb Squadron. Nose Art “Peace Offering” Okinawa 1945 B-24 Liberator Bomber of the 380th Bomb Group, 530th Bomb Squadron.

What was the B-24 shark mouth bomber called?

B-24 Liberator “0185” Shark Mouth of the 90th Bomb Group Consolidated B-24J-150-CO Liberator Bomber 44-40189 of the 380th Bomb Group, 531st Bomb Squadron. Nose Art “Embarrassed” Okinawa 1945

Who was the father of the B-24 Liberator?

This forward fuselage is made possible through a gift of Jim Sowell, whose father, Billy Z. Sowell, flew a B-24 with a photo reconnaissance squadron. The B-24 is painted with the markings and nose art of Mr. Sowell’s plane, Over Exposed.