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Where do I get a lightning stone in Kingdom Hearts?

Where do I get a lightning stone in Kingdom Hearts?

Lightning Shard: Chest at the Mountain Trail;[KH II FM] chest at the Hinterlands. Lightning Stone: Chest at the Candy Cane Lane.

How do you get lightning shards in Kingdom Hearts 2?


  1. Lightning Shard: Outside in Mission 36, Vestibule in Mission 39, Vestibule in Mission 46, eastern rock cliff in Mission 53, Outside in Mission 61; open at least 80 chests and talk to Axel on Day 94.
  2. Lightning Gem: Outside in Mission 61.

Where can I find power stones in Kingdom Hearts 2?


  • So do you need Power stones or Orichalcum? Anyway, Power stones are dropped by Luna Bandits (Agrabah), and Silver Rock (Agrabah, Pride Lands, and Halloween Town)
  • UltimaterializerX’s Bestiary/Synthesis Guide is the best source for info.

Is lightning in Kingdom Hearts?

The final character is Lightning, who’s referenced in Dream Drop Distance, but she actually appears in the mobile game Kingdom Hearts Union χ. The hero from FF13, Lightning, brings us to the grand total of twenty-five characters who’ve appeared in Kingdom Hearts games so far.

How do you get mythril stone?

If players want to gain more Mythril Stone, they will need to repeatedly defeat the Pot Scorpion found in Agrabah. That said, obtaining Mythril Stone isn’t so simple as killing it over and over again.

What drops blazing stone?

^ The Chimera drops a Blazing Stone 35% of the time when it is defeated, 20% of the time when 6 heads are knocked back, and 40% of the time when 9 heads are knocked back.

Where do I get blazing gem?

Land at the North Ridge in Arendelle, go to the cavern by the castle and go south till two spawn. Attack their tails and wings for possible drops then kill them. Go back and forth between different zones to get them to respawn. Wings and tail will drop Frost Stones and Gems.

Is CID in every Final Fantasy?

Every Final Fantasy has featured a character named Cid. Every Final Fantasy since II has featured a character called Cid in some capacity. Often, he’s portrayed as an older man, and he’s almost always an expert with machinery, airships in particular.

Who is Leon Final Fantasy?

While Final Fantasy VIII does not use voice acting, Squall has a voice in the Square Enix series Kingdom Hearts, in which he is known as Leon. He is voiced by David Boreanaz in the English version of the game and Hideo Ishikawa in the Japanese version.

Where do you get lightning in Kingdom Hearts?

The KHWiki contains spoilers for all Kingdom Hearts games. Read at your own risk. This article is about the synthesis materials. You may be looking for the Thunder spell . “A gem shard containing essence of thunder. Used for item synthesis.” “A gem containing essence of thunder. Used for item synthesis.” “A mysterious stone filled with lightning.

Where do you get synthesis materials in Kingdom Hearts 2?

Below is a list of synthesis material drops (both common and rare) for each enemy, including the locations where they are known to appear. Also equipping certain accessories and abilities like the Lucky Ring or Lucky Lucky, increases the probability of item drops.

How many synthesis materials can you get in Lightning?

Obtain 30 different synthesis materials. Lightning Shard: Lightning Shard x3 is one of the possible Prize Postcard rewards. Lightning Stone: Lightning Stone x2 is one of the possible Prize Postcard rewards.

What are the rarest materials in Kingdom Hearts 2?

Bright items Serenity Items (item rarity depends on the amount of health the vendor has when used. The lower health, the better the prize) There are only two materials that fall into this category — Orichalcum+ and Mythril items — these are the rarest of all snythesis materials and cannot be obtained simply by killing monsters.