Where does the last name Siggers come from?

Where does the last name Siggers come from?

English: patronymic from an old personal name, either Old English Sigegar, Old Norse Sigarr, Old Danish and Swedish Sighar, or the Continental Germanic Sigger, all composed of related elements meaning ‘victory’ + ‘spear’.

What nationality is Montalbano?


Salvo Montalbano
Gender Male
Occupation Police detective
Nationality Italian

What does the last name Montalbano mean?

A user from Louisiana, U.S. says the name Montalbano is of Italian origin and means “White montain”.

Whats a Sigger?

To trickle through a cranny or crevice; ooze as into a mine; leak.

Is Salvo short for Salvatore?

Salvatore is the Italian equivalent to the Spanish Salvador. It is an especially popular boy’s name in Southern Italy and Sicily. Nicknames include Sasà, Salvo, Sal or Tory.

How popular is Montalbano in Italy?

The series has drawn a record audience of one billion viewers in its 18-year run. Known in English-speaking countries as the Inspector Montalbano series, it is one of Italy’s most successful exports, both as TV series and as a novel.

Is Montalbano popular in Italy?

The most popular of all homemade TV series in Italy is without a doubt Il Commissario Montalbano, a crime TV drama which has a ‘share’ of 45% as the Italians call it. This means that half of the population watches each new episode.

What does Salvatore stand for?

Italian: from the personal name Salvatore, meaning ‘Savior’.

What is a nickname for Salvatore?

Does Montalbano marry Livia?

Montalbano is in his 50s, still not married to Livia, and deeply conscious that the battle against crime and corruption is unending. Only in Camilleri will you find a sex-crazed young woman discussing the merits of Kafka after Montalbano has removed her hand from his genitals.

What is Luca Zingaretti doing now?

Zingaretti lives in Rome, together with his wife, that is Luisa Ranieri. Luca, for many years has been involved in Sicily for the recordings of fiction, one of the most loved by Italian viewers.

How popular is Inspector Montalbano in Italy?

Nine million people in Italy tuned in to see last episode of Il Commissario Montalbano. The final episode of the police television series Il Commissario Montalbano was aired last night on Italy’s national broadcaster RAI, attracting an audience of more than nine million viewers.