Where does the story In Another Country take place?

Where does the story In Another Country take place?

Ernest Hemingway’s story “In Another Country” takes place in a war hospital in Milan during World War I.

What is the meaning of the first line of the story why don’t they go to the war anymore?

When the narrator declares that they do not go to the war anymore, he expresses the isolation of the wounded soldiers. This isolation is further suggested by the very next sentence: “It was cold in the fall in Milan and the dark came very early.” Hemingway often symbolically suggests the…

What is the narrator of In Another Country doing in Italy quizlet?

The narrator played football (soccer ) in high school. The major used to fence he was once the greatest fencer in Italy .

Why did the narrator in In Another Country earn a medal?

The narrator has earned a medal for his contribution to the war, though the other boys have earned their medals for more daring acts, causing him to feel insecure about his own courage.

What is the moral of In Another Country?

The main themes of the short story “In Another Country” by Ernest Hemingway are war, courage and fear, and isolation and rejection.

What does the story tell us about how a man should behave In Another Country?

In the story “In Another Country,” the narrator suggests that, even if he has no confidence in certain things, he should maintain hope and try to improve his life. Both the major and the narrator are put on machines, which they have no hope will fix their war injuries.

What is the message of In Another Country?

What is the irony in the story In Another Country?

The ironic opening line sets the tone for the discrepancy between the heroism and courage that the soldiers displayed in battle, and the way they see themselves as cowardly and inadequate, no longer real men. To other people, the soldiers’ wounds and bright, shiny medals exemplify enormous bravery.

What is the overall mood of the story In Another Country?

The mood of the story is charged, ultimately, with a tension that animates the sense of alienation and loss and poses that isolation as a sort of existential suffering. In order to live fully and with joy, one must take the chance that one’s joy can be taken away.

What do the machines symbolize In Another Country?

To the major, the machinery in “In Another Country” represents the war machine and man’s dependency upon something mechanical that can fail him. The Italian major, who was once a fencing champion, now has a withered hand that is useless to him.