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Where is Bridgewater Place?

Where is Bridgewater Place?

Bridgewater Place, nicknamed The Dalek, is an office and residential skyscraper in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. It is the tallest building in Yorkshire, and has held this record since being topped out in September 2005. It is visible at up to 25 miles (40 kilometres) from most areas.

How many floors does Bridgewater place have?

Bridgewater Place/Floor count

When was Bridgewater Place built?

Bridgewater Place/Opened

Completed in 2007, the glowering hulk of Bridgewater Place has since reigned as the tallest building in the county, and one of the most troublesome.

Which is the tallest building in Leeds?

Bridgewater Place –
Bridgewater Place – 367ft (112 metres) As well as being the tallest building in Leeds, it is the tallest building in Yorkshire and is visible up to 25 miles away. It’s currently the 50th tallest building in the UK, and is nearly 3 times smaller than The Shard in London, which stands at over 1000ft.

What is the tallest building in Grand Rapids Michigan?

the River House Condominiums
The tallest building in Grand Rapids is the River House Condominiums, which stands 406 feet (124 m) tall.

What is the tallest building outside of London?

City Tower
City Tower is still currently the tallest office building outside London. Roof height reaches 107 m (351 ft). Due to its age and positioning in the heart of Central Manchester, City Tower is one of the most recognisable buildings in the city.

When was Emley Moor mast built?

January 21, 1971
Emley Moor/Opened

How tall is the Varnum Building?

River House Condominiums
Completed 2008
Roof 406 ft (124 m)
Top floor 397 ft (121 m)

What is the tallest building in Kalamazoo?

Skyrise Center
Tallest Buildings

# Building Height
1 Skyrise Center 230 ft
2 Fifth Third Bank Building 190 ft
3 The Exchange 182 ft
4 Washington Square Co-op 141 ft