Where is Dalmatia fig spread made?

Where is Dalmatia fig spread made?

Dalmatia fig spreads are made off the Adriatic coast of Croatia with just a handful of ingredients (mainly figs, sugar and pectin).

What is Adriatic fig spread?

The Adriatic Fig spread is made in Croatia (the Dalmatian coast) and contains organic figs, organic sugar, water, and fruit pectin. The figs are sun dried and then cooked to preserve sweetness.

How long does unopened fig spread last?

Homemade fig jams without any added preservatives or canning processes will last for two years when left in the pantry unopened. Once opened, you need to consume your jam within a six-month tenure, and at the maximum, you can use it for one year when preserved in a fridge.

Is fig spread gluten free?

This spread is crafted in Croatia using figs from the pristine Dalmatian Coast of Croatia and other Mediterranean regions. We use only first class figs that are non-GMO. Naturally gluten free this spread is a great way to add a burst of flavor to any dish.

Does fig spread expire?

A: Once opened, our Fig Spread can last 3-4 weeks in the refrigerator. Q: How long do your other spreads last refrigerated? A: All of our fruit spreads last 2-3 weeks in the refrigerator after opening. The olive spreads last 3 weeks.

How long does fig spread last?

Product Questions And Answers Q: What is the shelf life of the Fig Spread in refrigerator, once it is opened? A: Dalmatia Fig Spread will keep for up to 3 weeks after opened. Q: Can I add this fig spread to pork chops, or would it be too sweet. A: The Fig Spread can be used as glaze for meats.

Why is it called the Dalmatian coast?

Dalmatia’s name is derived from the name of an Illyrian tribe called the Dalmatae who lived in the area of the eastern Adriatic coast in the 1st millennium BC. While urban centers, both coastal and inland, were almost completely romanized, the situation in the countryside was completely different.

Does fig jam spoil?

Jam is made of fruits heated with water and sugar, and as we all know, fruits do not last forever. Thus, the jam will definitely expire after some time. However, preserves like jam and jelly last for quite a good time if kept unopened.

Are fig preserves good for you?

Fresh figs are low in calories and make for a great snack, and they’re an excellent addition to salads or desserts. You can also make fig jam or preserves with fresh figs. Dried. Dried figs are high in sugar and calories, so they should be eaten in moderation.

Does Whole Foods sell fig jam?

Fig Preserves, 13 oz at Whole Foods Market.

Can you eat expired Fig Newtons?

By big armfuls, the young man sent packages of Fig Newtons and Oreo cookies tumbling from the shelf down into an empty grocery cart below. Those Oreos aren’t spoiled. They’re perfectly fine to eat.”

Are Dalmatian dogs originally from Croatia?

Dalmatian, dog breed named after the Adriatic coastal region of Dalmatia, Croatia, its first definite home. The origins of the breed are unknown. The Dalmatian has served as a sentinel, war dog, fire department mascot, hunter, shepherd, and performer.

Is the Dalmatia fig spread gluten free?

Dalmatia Fig Spread – Our Fig Spreads are Non GMO and Gluten Free! – Dalmatia® Authentic Croatian Spreads The unique and balanced flavor profile is fruity and light at the start, develops into richer tones, then elevates to a high, sweet, light finish. The texture is smooth throughout and melts in your mouth.

How much does a Dalmatia spread cost on Amazon?

Choose items to buy together. In Stock. Sold by JF Distributions and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. FREE Shipping on orders over $25.00. In Stock. Sold by JF Distributions and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. FREE Shipping on orders over $25.00.

Which is the best fig spread to eat?

This fig spread is the best I have ever tasted and I have tried quite a few. 3-4 Tablespoons of this stuff over Boursin’s Shallot & Chive creamy cheese spread, and then topped with about a Tablespoon of chopped pecans – serve with crackers – HEAVEN! Yummy in my tummy! My wine, water crackers, cheese, & my fig spread on my Saturday night.