Where is details in Arcmap?

Where is details in Arcmap?

Feature layer styles, pop-ups, and other layer properties can be configured on the Visualization tab as an alternative to opening the layer in Map Viewer Classic. To access an item page, click Details under an item’s thumbnail or, from the gallery, hover over the thumbnail and click Details.

What are the two types of layers called in a web map?

Types of web layers

  • Map image layer—A collection of map cartography based on vector data.
  • Imagery layer—A collection of map cartography based on raster data.
  • Tile layer—A set of web-accessible tiles that reside on a server.

How do I view maps in GIS?

Use Map Viewer to view, explore, and create web maps in ArcGIS Online. Navigate the map to view various areas. Click features or imagery on the map to view pop-ups with information about the data. Rotate the map to get a new perspective.

How do I view shapefile metadata?

  1. Right-click the layer in the ArcMap table of contents, point to Data, then click View Metadata.
  2. Close the window when you’re done.

How do you set a layer to have its own metadata?

Edit content on the Properties dialog box

  1. View metadata for the map, layer, or table whose metadata you want to edit on its Properties dialog box.
  2. For a map layer or table, click the drop-down list and click Layer has its own metadata or Table has its own metadata.
  3. For a map layer or table, click the Copy button.

How do I import data into ArcGIS?

To access Import Files, click Maps, Add Data and click Import File. Import File appears on the left. In Select a file to import, click Browse to choose the file you want to import. Once selected, the file name appears in the Select file to import text box.

How do I get data for ArcGIS?

The following steps describe how you can view your data in ArcMap:

  1. Start ArcMap, open the Catalog window, and connect to your database.
  2. Click the table in the Catalog tree to select it.
  3. To view the data, drag the table from the Catalog window to the table of contents or the map.

What are GIS layers?

In ArcGIS, layers are collections of geographic data. Layers reference a data source, and if ArcGIS Pro interprets data as spatial, the data’s properties and attributes specify how the layer draws on a map, scene, or layout. Data gathered in a layer is represented with points, lines, shapes (polygons), or surfaces.

What is a layer file in ArcMap?

Layer Files (. lyr) are a means of preserving a defined symbology for a data set (or sets). These files are simply a pointer to the original data, with instructions for how to display the data in ArcMap. A layer file will also preserve Definition Queries and/or Selection Layers.

What is a map viewer?

Oracle Mapviewer (MapViewer) is a programmable tool for rendering maps using spatial data managed by Oracle Spatial or Oracle Locator (also referred to as Locator). These tools can be deployed in a platform-independent manner and are designed to integrate with map-rendering applications.

How do I find my basemap in ArcGIS?


  1. On the Insert tab, in the Project group, click the New Map drop-down arrow and click New Basemap .
  2. Add the data that you want to comprise your basemap. On the Map tab, in the Layer group, click Add Data. .
  3. With the basemap in view, in the Contents pane, click List By Drawing Order. .

How to add item details in ArcGIS Online?

Click the Edit button next to the layer name in the banner of the layer’s details page and type a new name. Add a summary that is specific to the individual layer. Add a description that is specific to the individual layer. Provide attribution information for the layer.

How to access details for a sublayer in ArcGIS?

Individual layers in a feature layer have their own details pages. These pages contain information and functionality that pertain to and affect the sublayer only. To access details for a sublayer, open the details page for the feature layer and click the sublayer in the Layers list on the Overview tab.

Where do the items open in ArcGIS Pro?

By default, items open in the most appropriate app. For example, maps open in Map Viewer Classic, scenes open in Scene Viewer, and layer packages open in ArcGIS Pro. Optionally, you can sometimes choose a different option.

What is the name of the action in ArcGIS?

The name of the ID assigned to this action. This is used for differentiating actions when listening to the trigger-action event. The URL to an image that will be used to represent the action. This property will be used as a background image for the node. It may be used in conjunction with the className property or by itself.