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Where is error code on Fujitsu remote?

Where is error code on Fujitsu remote?

Press the SET TEMPERATURE buttons V,A [ON/OFF] simultaneously for 3 seconds or more to start the self-diagnosis. 3. Press the SET TEMPERATURE button to select the error history number. 4.

What does EE mean on a Fujitsu air conditioner?

E:EE indicates an error has occurred. 1. REMOTE CONTROLLER DISPLAY. 1) Stop the air conditioner operation. 2) Press the set temperature buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds or more to start the self-diagnosis.

Why is my Fujitsu Aircon light blinking?

If the intake filter is removed during operation, a safety device will stop the operation of the plasma filter unit. If this happens, the air clean indicator lamp (green) on the indoor unit will flash after some time has passed.

What is Fujitsu Halcyon?

Halcyon by Fujitsu is a new way to think about air conditioning in the modern world. Now you can choose a high performance, permanent and easy to install air conditioning system that quietly blends with your environment.

What is a discharge temperature error?

The compressor discharge temperature protection is triggered when the temperature sensor on the discharge tube of the compressor reads too high of a value. The cause of this can be a faulty sensor, a faulty board, or an actual fault in the refrigerant lines (i.e. blockage, kink, etc.).

How do you fix a PFC circuit error?


  1. Verify code appears after resetting power to the system.
  2. Verify there is proper voltage going into the board/module.
  3. Verify there is proper voltage coming out of the board if it has the correct input voltage.
  4. Verify that the compressor is working properly.
  5. Verify that the PFC module is not overheating.

Why is my Fujitsu Aircon not working?

Fujitsu air conditioning problems Air conditioning not starting – possible culprit may be because the thermostat is not set correctly or the power is not reaching the AC unit mostly due to poor installation. Air conditioner leaks or drips water – probably due to disconnection of a tube or a water blockage in the unit.

Where do I find the error code on my Fujitsu air conditioner?

Indication of error codes of air conditioners Fujitsu is displayed both using codes on the remote control panel of the split system, and in the form of flashing LED indicators on the indoor unit of the air conditioner. Error codes of Fujitsu air conditioners, displayed using the color display of the indoor unit.

What is the PFC code on a Fujitsu AC unit?

Fujitsu AC Indoor Unit/Wired Remote Model Error Code = 25 Error Code Definition = PFC circuit error Fujitsu AC Indoor Unit/Wired Remote Model Error Code = 26 Error Code Definition = Indoor signal error

What are the service manuals for a Fujitsu air conditioner?

Fujitsu Air Conditioners Service Manuals & Error Codes Fujitsu ABYA45LAT, ABYA36LAT, AOYA36LATL 2.6Mb Fujitsu AGYE004GCAH, AGYE007GCAH, AGYE01 10.5Mb Fujitsu AJ-144LALBH, AJ-162LALBH, AJ-126 8.9Mb Fujitsu AOU15RLS2H, ASU9RLF, AOU9RLFW, A 3.8Mb Fujitsu AOU18RLFC, AUU18RCLX, AUU24RCLX, 3.8Mb

What to do if your Fujitsu air conditioner flashes?

Fujitsu Air Conditioner Flashing Lights- J2, A1, A3, A5 Fujitsu Air Conditioner Troubleshooting In the event of a malfunction (burning smell, etc.), immediately stop operation, disconnect the Power Supply Plug, and consult authorized service personnel.