Where is home position on the keyboard?

Where is home position on the keyboard?

The ‘home position’ is situated on the middle row of your keyboard, as highlighted below. All keyboards have raised markers (bumps or grooves) on the ‘F’ and ‘J’ keys. These markers are where you should place your index fingers, followed by the rest of your fingers, to form the home position.

What is the difference between Home and End key?

The Home key is primarily used to return the typing cursor to the beginning of the line on which you’re currently typing, The End key is a key found on a computer keyboard that moves the cursor to the end of the line, document, page, cell, or screen of where your cursor is positioned.

What is the correct way to type?

Sitting posture for typing

  • Sit straight and remember to keep your back straight.
  • Keep your elbows bent at the right angle.
  • Face the screen with your head slightly tilted forward.
  • Keep at least 45 – 70 cm of distance between your eyes and the screen.

What is home key give example?

Examples of using the Home key Home – Go to the beginning of the line, paragraph or document. Ctrl + Home – Pressing Ctrl and Home at the same time takes you to the very beginning of the document, text, worksheet, or page. With languages that write left-to-right, pressing Ctrl+Home moves to the top-left of the page.

What is the Home key used for?

The Home key helps in navigation of applications or a word processing programs. It is most commonly used to make the cursor move to the beginning of the line in a text editing program. The Home key has the opposite functionality of the End key.

What is the use of shift key?

The Shift key ⇧ Shift is a modifier key on a keyboard, used to type capital letters and other alternate “upper” characters.

What are the 5 typing techniques?

Below are some points to remember.

  • Keep your feet on the floor to maintain balance.
  • Position your body to the “H” key.
  • Keep your overall posture in a straight position.
  • The chair should be 10-15 cm away from the keyboard.
  • Have your fingers curved over the home row keys.
  • Remember to keep wrists off the keyboard.

What is Ctrl end?

Alternatively referred to as Control End and C-End, Ctrl+End is a shortcut key that moves the cursor to the end of a document.

What is the name of key?

Computer keyboard key explanations

Key/symbol Explanation
Ctrl Control key.
Fn Function key.
Alt Alternate key (PC only; Mac users have an Option key).
Spacebar Spacebar key.

What is Home key give example?

What key is delete?

The keyboard key used to delete the text character at, or to the right of, the screen cursor. Pressing Delete (DEL) also deletes the currently highlighted text, image or group of images. The Delete key removes characters to the right of the cursor, whereas the Backspace key deletes to the left.

Where is the home button on the keyboard?

The “Home” button on a Mac keyboard: Fn + Left Arrow. The ‘fn’ key on the Mac keyboard is the function button, hitting that with the left arrow will immediately jump to the very top of a page in the active application of Mac OS. This is the exact same function as hitting the “Home” button on a Windows PC.

What does the home key look like?

On a standard english keyboard layout, the home keys are ASDF for the left hand and JKL; for the right. Most keyboards have small raised bumps on the left and right index finger keys (F and J) so you can find the home keys by touch without looking.

Where is home button on PC?

The Home button looks like a house and is located in the top-left corner of the browser window beside the refresh button. Normally, the default homepage is the New Tab page, which gives you quick access to recently visited websites and a Google search bar.

What are the home row keys?

The home row keys are the row of keys on the computer keyboard your fingers rest on when not typing. For example, on the standard QWERTY United States keyboard, the home row keys for your left hand are A, S, D, and F and your right hand are J, K, l, and ; ( semicolon ). For both hands, the thumbs rest on the spacebar.