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Where is the ACE Basin in South Carolina?

Where is the ACE Basin in South Carolina?

Pine and hardwood uplands, forested wetlands, tidal marshes and creeks, barrier islands and beaches can all be found throughout it – making the ACE Basin one of the state’s most diverse habitats. Located between Hilton Head Island and Charleston, South Carolina, the ACE Basin is home to numerous species of wildlife.

Can you hunt and fish in ACE Basin?

Although more than half of the ACE Basin’s protected lands are privately owned, the public can hunt and fish on hundreds of acres of wildlife-managed properties. Just be sure you have your hunting and/or fishing license!

When to see rhesus monkeys in ACE Basin?

Explore the unspoiled beauty and wonder of the world renowned ACE Basin estuary. This ecotour is only available during calm weather days and often has to be cancelled on the morning of the tour. Cross the breadth of the unspoiled ACE Basin for an opportunity to observe a free ranging colony of Rhesus monkeys.

Where is Horseshoe Creek in the ACE Basin?

Located just 30 minutes outside of Charleston, Horseshoe Creek is a slow-moving Blackwater creek that can be found in the heart of the ACE Basin. Located in Green Pond, on land once used for rice cultivation, Donnelley Wildlife Management Area is an ideal destination for bird watchers.

Where are the best beaches in South Carolina?

South Carolina 1 Hunting Island. The Hunting Island State Park beach boasts five miles of beautiful sandy shoreline. 2 Folly Beach. Folly Beach is a great beach getaway near Charleston –especially for those that love surfing! 3 Hilton Head Island. 4 Edisto Beach. 5 Myrtle Beach.

Where to go beach camping on the east coast?

Beach Camping on the South East Coast 1 Florida. Whether you have your eye on Atlantic destinations (like Daytona Beach) or Gulf coast destinations (like Fort de Soto), the Sunshine State should be on your list of dreamy 2 Georgia. 3 South Carolina. 4 North Carolina. 5 Virginia.