Where is the city of Ivanovo in Russia?

Where is the city of Ivanovo in Russia?

153002, 153003, 153005 -153009, 153011 -153015, 153020-153027, 153029-153035. Ivanovo (Russian: Иваново, IPA: [ɪˈvanəvə]) is a city in Russia. It is the administrative center and largest city of Ivanovo Oblast, located 254 kilometers (158 mi) northeast of Moscow and approximately 100 kilometers (62 mi) from Yaroslavl, Vladimir and Kostroma.

When did the tornado hit in Ivanovo Russia?

On June 8th, 1984, Ivanovo was struck by an F5 tornado which killed at least 69 people and injured more than 130 others. Some estimates indicate up to 95 deaths. The tornado damaged, destroyed or leveled more than 1,180 homes and became one of the worst to strike Russia.

Why was Ivanovo known as the Russian Manchester?

Because of its textile manufacturing industry, Ivanovo earned the sobriquet of the “Russian Manchester” during the 19th century. By the early 20th century, Ivanovo was competing with Łódź (also a part of the Russian Empire at that time) for the title of the primary textile production center of Europe.

What kind of schools do they have in Ivanovo?

Ivanovo has several educational institutions: Ivanovo State University, Ivanovo State University of Chemistry and Technology, Ivanovo Medical Academy, Ivanovo Architectural Academy, and Ivanovo State Power University (ISPU).

Which is the administrative center of Ivanovsky District, Russia?

Ivanovo is the administrative center of the oblast and, within the framework of administrative divisions, it also serves as the administrative center of Ivanovsky District, even though it is not a part of it.

How did Ivanovo become the textile capital of Russia?

As a municipal division, the City of Ivanovo is incorporated as Ivanovo Urban Okrug. Ivanovo gained a reputation as the textile capital of Russia during the nineteenth century. The development of the textile industry involved the importation of textile machinery from England often accompanied by supervisory staff particularly from Lancashire.