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Where is the Gokstad ship today?

Where is the Gokstad ship today?

Viking Ship Museum
The Gokstad ship is a 9th-century Viking ship found in a burial mound at Gokstad in Sandar, Sandefjord, Vestfold, Norway. It is displayed at the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, Norway. It is the largest preserved Viking ship in Norway.

What is the Gokstad ship made of?

The ship is made of oak, and is 5.18 m wide and 23.22 m long. It is clinker built with 16 rows of strakes. The nine strakes below the waterline are only two to three centimetres thick, making the sides of the ship light and flexible. The keel is made of one straight piece of oak.

Who created the Gokstad ship?

Boatbuilders Birger Andersen, Maik Riebort, Martin Rodevad Dael, Asger Rørdam and boatbuilding apprentice Malthe Solhøj, built the largest of the three small boats that were found with the ship burial at Gokstad in Norway.

When was the Gokstad ship built?

around 890 AD
The Gokstad ship was built around 890 AD, at the height of the Viking period. It was a fast and flexible ship that was suitable for voyages on the high seas.

Can I buy a Viking ship?

The Viking Ship Museum is now offering the public the chance to buy a Viking longboat via its online shop. The custom-build vessels come in a range of models, with the almost 10-metre Gokstad Ship – used for exploration, warfare, trade and commerce during the Viking Age – being among the most spectacular.

How many Vikings were on a ship?

It would carry a crew of around 41 men (40 oarsmen and one cox). Snekkjas were one of the most common types of ship. According to Viking lore, Canute the Great used 1,200 in Norway in 1028.

What was found aboard the Oslo ship?

There were also the skeletal remains of 14 horses, an ox, and three dogs found on the ship. According to Per Holck of the University of Oslo, the younger woman’s mitochondrial haplogroup was discovered to be U7.

Where can I see a Viking ship?

Six of the best: Viking ship museums

  • Reconstructed Viking longhouse at Lofotr Viking Museum in Norway. LOFOTR VIKING MUSEUM, LOFOTEN.
  • Jorvik Viking Centre in York, UK.
  • Viking longhouse at Ribe Viking Centre in Ribe, Denmark.
  • L’Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland. Photo: Dale Wilson.