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Where is the grave of Stefano Casiraghi in Monaco?

Where is the grave of Stefano Casiraghi in Monaco?

His funeral was held a few days later and he was buried in Monaco near Caroline’s paternal grandfather in the Chapelle de la Paix. Businessman, sportsman. A native of Milan, Italy, he was the son of Fernanda and Giancarlo Casiraghi, and the husband of Princess Caroline of Monaco.

How old was Stefano Casiraghi when he died?

Stefano Casiraghi. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Stefano Casiraghi (8 September 1960 – 3 October 1990) was an Italian speedboat racer, socialite, and businessman.

When did Caroline of Monaco marry Stefano Casiraghi?

Speedboat racing was a passion with Mr. Casiraghi, who began competing in 1984 and had won 12 of 80 races, including last year’s world championship held off Atlantic City, N.J. He married Princess Caroline in 1983, after she was divorced from Philippe Junot, a French real-estate man to whom she had been married for two years.

Who was in the cockpit with Stefano Casiraghi?

Fellow racer and friend Alberto Brombin was first to reach Casiraghi. “Stefano was stuck in the cockpit of his sinking boat and had been crushed there with such tremendous force that his red helmet had been ripped off his head,” said Brombin.

What are the names of Stefano Casiraghi’s children?

The couple had three children: Andrea (born 8 June 1984), Charlotte (born 3 August 1986), and Pierre (born 5 September 1987). The children are, respectively, fourth, eighth and eleventh in the line of succession to the Monegasque throne, after their twin cousins and their mother.

What was the cause of Stefano Casiraghi’s boat to flip?

There were three to four-foot wave conditions on the race course, which caused Casiraghi’s 42-foot catamaran, Pinot di Pinot, to flip. Traveling at ca. 150 km/h, it did not have a full canopy, and experts who studied the accident have said that Casiraghi would most likely have survived the accident had the boat been equipped with one.