Where was the province of Pommern in Germany?

Where was the province of Pommern in Germany?

Pomerania Pomerania, or Pommern as it was called in Germany, was a Prussian province in northern Germany bordering on the Baltic Sea. It was surrounded by Mecklenburg-Schwerin on the West, Brandenburg on the South, and West Prussia on the East.

When did Prussia take Eastern Pomerania from Brandenburg?

Part of this area was returned to Brandenburg in 1720. Prussia combined this area and the other areas of western Pomerania in 1815 as one province and called it Pommern. Prussia annexed Eastern Pomerania (Hinterpommern) in 1772.

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Where can I find the History of Pomerania?

Pommerscher Verein Central Wisconsin ( is dedicated to the preservation of the culture, language, and heritage of the immigrants from greater Pomerania. Good luck with your research.

When was Stettin and Hinterpommern given to Poland?

In 1945, Stettin and all of Hinterpommern were given to Poland and the two million German inhabitants, including all our cousins who had remained in Germany, were driven or fled from their homeland. Most of Pomerania is relatively flat although hills as high as 838 feet are found along the eastern border.

When did Kreis Randow become part of Stettin?

Randow was a Kreis from 1818 until 1939, and was part of the administrative district of Stettin. Kreis Randow was dissolved and divided into other Kreise (Greifenhagen, Naugard, Ückermünde & Stettin) 15 October 1939. After World War II, the former area of Kreis Randow was split in half between Poland and Germany.

Which is part of Kreis Randow is Altdamm?

Altdamm lies on the Plöne River estuary. Altdamm was part of Kreis Randow after 1826. Altdamm is surrounded by forests. Market rights were granted in Altdamm in 1249, and city rights in 1260, 1293 and 1297. Altdamm is now in Poland and is known as Dabie.