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Which careers can you go into without a degree?

Which careers can you go into without a degree?

The 6 Best Careers That You Can Join With No Degree

  1. Accounts Assistant. Average starting salary: £19,000.
  2. Train Driver. Average starting salary: £24,000.
  3. Firefighter. Average starting salary: £22,000.
  4. Human Resources Manager. Average salary: £30,000.
  5. Marketing Assistant. Average salary: £19,000.
  6. Veterinary Assistant.

Can non Saudis work in Aramco?

We generally seek candidates who possess a minimum of five to 10 years of applicable experience. Innovation is highly valued here at Saudi Aramco, and thesis work that furthers the industry’s general knowledge of oil and gas exploration and production is of particular interest.

What is the highest paid job in Saudi Arabia?

What Is the #1 Highest-Paid Position in Saudi Arabia?

  1. Chief Executive Officer (MNC) Average Salary: 33,021 SAR per month.
  2. Surgeon. Average Salary: 32,900 SAR per month.
  3. Judge. Average Salary: 27,700 per month.
  4. Dentist. Average Salary: 22,585 SAR per month.
  5. Lawyer.
  6. Bank Manager.
  7. Petroleum Engineer.
  8. Cyber Security Engineer.

What is a good salary in Saudi Arabia?

In 2018, Saudi Arabia was found to be the highest paying country among the five Gulf Cooperation Council states covered with an average monthly salary of $8,560. This was 2.9 per cent more than in the UAE, 8.4 per cent more than Bahrain, 8.7 per cent more than Oman and 8.96 per cent more than Kuwait.

How do I get approved for Aramco?

The Qualification Process involves a computer based test (CBT) and if passed the certificate is issued. If the test is failed then a theoretical and practical training of one to five days must be taken followed by retesting. The customer may choose to take the training first followed by the test.

How many employees does Saudi Aramco have?

70,000 people
Headquartered in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, Saudi Aramco employs more than 70,000 people around the world through various subsidiaries and joint ventures.

What is good salary in Saudi?

The salary range for people working in Saudi Arabia is typically from 5,197.00 SAR (minimum salary) to 18,028.00 SAR (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher).

What is the lowest salary in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia’s Minimum Wage is the lowest amount a worker can be legally paid for his work. Most countries have a nation-wide minimum wage that all workers must be paid. While Saudi Arabia has no official minimum wage for the private sector,the public sector has a minimum rate of 3,000 Saudi riyals.