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Which district is mampong located?

Which district is mampong located?

The municipality is located in the northern part of Ashanti Region and has Mampong as its capital town….Mampong Municipal District.

Mampong Municipal Assembly
Mampong Municipal Assembly Location of Mampong Municipal District within Ashanti
Coordinates: 7°4′N 1°24′W
Country Ghana
Region Ashanti

Which part of Ghana is Ashanti Region?

The Ashanti Region is located in the middle portion of Ghana, approximately within longitudes 0.15O E and 2.25O W and latitudes 5.50O N and 7.46O S. It shares boundaries with Bono East Region to the North, Western Region to the West, Eastern Region to the East and Central Region to the South.

Where is Ashanti located?

Today, most Ashanti live in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. They are primarily farmers, growing cocoa for export and yams, plantains, and other produce for local consumption.

Which part of Ghana is Kumasi?

Ashanti region
Kumasi is the capital city of the Ashanti region, a very important and historical centre for Ghana. Kumasi is located near Lake Bosumtwi, in a rainforest region, and is the commercial, industrial and cultural capital of Asanteman.

Which district is Akuapem Mampong?

Akuapim North District

Akuapim-Mampong Akwapim-Mampong
Country Ghana
Region Eastern Region
District Akuapim North District
Elevation 1,526 ft (465 m)

Which is the biggest region in Ghana?

Northern Page 12 Region
The Northern Page 12 Region, which occupies an area of about 70,383 square kilometres, is the largest region in Ghana in terms of land area.

What language is spoken in Kumasi Ghana?

A consular officer at the High Commission of Ghana in Ottawa, states that the predominant language in Kumasi is indeed Twi (17 Feb. 1993). He adds that there are also Hausa people living in Kumasi, although he cannot specify how many (Ibid.).