Which is better Comcast or CenturyLink?

Which is better Comcast or CenturyLink?

In fact, Xfinity’s 2021 score is a point better than the year before, slightly above the industry average for internet providers, and good enough for third place overall. Trailing only AT and Verizon. CenturyLink, on the other hand, earned a score of 62 out of 100 in 2021.

Who has faster internet CenturyLink or Xfinity?

Fastest speeds: In most areas, Xfinity has much better speeds than CenturyLink. Both providers both offer gig speeds (940 Mbps), but Xfinity has it in more areas. In many places, all CenturyLink offers is slower DSL service.

Is CenturyLink as fast as Xfinity?

CenturyLink has generally lower speeds, but all its non-fiber plans don’t require contracts, have no data caps, and cost just $50 per month. Xfinity plans give you faster speeds and better reliability. And while they start cheaper than CenturyLink’s DSL internet, you have to watch out for price hikes and contracts.

Is CenturyLink same as Xfinity?

Xfinity and CenturyLink are two titans of internet service in the United States. Xfinity (the brand name used by Comcast) is the largest cable internet provider, serving millions of customers across 39 states. CenturyLink is only slightly smaller, covering 37 states with their VDSL and fiber plans.

Is CenturyLink losing customers?

CenturyLink is not replacing the DSL broadband customers it’s losing. Where CenturyLink lost 262,000 broadband customers in 2018, the two biggest cable companies each added more than a million new broadband customers for the year.

Is CenturyLink worse than Xfinity?

Since cable internet technology is faster and more reliable than DSL, Xfinity has the edge over most CenturyLink plans. Most Xfinity plans require contracts (some are available month-to-month for a fee), but most of CenturyLink’s plans do not. When we get into fiber speeds, CenturyLink’s a better value than Xfinity.

Is CenturyLink a good company?

Overall, CenturyLink provides quality service with affordable prices. Potential customers should consider CenturyLink when choosing an internet provider.

Is CenturyLink more reliable than Xfinity?

Why is CenturyLink WiFi so bad?

Common causes of intermittent slow-downs include peak usage times, weather, a weak WiFi signal, virus or malware problems, and issues with your modem/router or computer.