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Which is correct 2 years ago or 2 years back?

Which is correct 2 years ago or 2 years back?

It depends on the context. “Ago” means back in time from ***, from the moment of speaking. If you say “I went to Europe two years ago”, you mean “in 2002”, two years back from ***.

What year was 2 years back answer?

Answer: 1. Two years back it was 2004. 2.

Is it years ago or years back?

Ago and back (informal) are used for past times from the present moment: I graduated from high school ten years ago. We sent the package three days ago. I moved here about five years back.

What does 2 years ago mean?

If she told you last year that she went to Europe two years ago, that means she went to Europe two years prior to last year, so 2013.

How do you write 5 years ago?

When the age itself is a noun, year old still needs to be hyphenated. For example: The 10-year-old was very loud. For being a 5-year-old, she’s very independent.

Does two years ago need an apostrophe?

So two weeks notice and two years experience are acceptable, however in the singular, the apostrophe is still required: one year’s experience, or one week’s notice. I base this on the notion that an apostrophe at the end of a word (two years’) is now considered both fussy and old-fashioned, and I tend to agree.

What do you mean by 5 years ago?

the average age of the family members 5 years ago is 25 years. so the sum of age of all family members 5 years ago =25x. the sum of age of these family members now and after 5 years elapsed =25x (these added 5 years * no of family members) =25x+5x=30x.

Is since 2 years ago Correct?

‘Since’ is often used as word to identify a specific time reference, however two months ago is not specific. This has to do with Present Perfect Tense. Ago is a reference to the past, whereas Since is a reference to a period, or specific time.

Is it 5 year or 5 years?

Years are countable so using 5 years would be correct. -He was 14 years old when it happened. -She looks young for her years.

Is it a year ago or an year ago?

The word year is pronounced with the sound that is written [j] in the IPA. It’s not a vowel sound at all, hence a year.

What is the meaning of 10 year ago?

An important event happened exactly ten years the same specific day in which it happened. “Today is Feb 25, 2018 and Sam became class president ten years ago today” Meaning that Sam became class president on Feb 25, 2008- just count back 10 years from a particular year. See a translation.